Diabetes… Irrespective Of Ages

Day to day, diabetes in children is increasing rapidly. But, when compared to elders, diabetes is quite common in their ages. If diabetes is found in children then people will be in a dilemma about this disease. So, is there any change between elders diabetes and children's diabetes? Do we need to follow a proper diet to prevent this in children? Do we need to give tablets or insulin to children? Which would be better to give? Are there any preventive measures to be taken for children who are suffering from diabetes? How there future is going to be? Is there any difference in diabetes of children and elders? Here are some of the measures to be taken for children who are suffering from diabetes. Diabetes... Irrespective Of Ages When compared to elders, diabetes in children is bit different. Even though the disease is similar is both the ages, starting form the diet to the tablets we use are entirely different. Even on this from the past ten years or a decade there are many changes occurred in the field of medicine. Hence November 14th is declared as the World diabetes day and decided by the International Diabetes Federation that extra care and focus should be taken on children's diabetes. If diabetes is found in children who are below fifteen years, then it is decided as type-1 and if it is found in people who are more than thirty five years of age was decided as type-2. In the same way if diabetes was found in the age of fifteen to thirty five years of age was decided as any of the type, that is either type-1 ore type-2. Mostly, in all the people the type of disease was decided only by the age. But, it is proved that either in children or in elders we can either observe type-1 or type-2 in both of them. Hence, we cannot just say that type-1 is for children and type-2 is for elders. Either of the types can be observed in either of them. Overall Comparison Type-1 Pancreatic glands in type-1 people will not work. In the sense, the insulin that should be prepared by the pancreatic glands will not be generated and will not occur in their body. So, to these type of people insulin injections must be given and this is the only solution for these type of people. Type-2 In type-2 type of people the pancreatic glands will work properly and the insulin will be generated from these glands but the insulin will not work or function properly. For these type of people it is not necessary to start injecting insulin and better to use tablets and can use insulin after some days if needed. For different varieties of diabetic types, different types of treatments are used. So, if children suffer from diabetes, do not blindly decide it as type-1 and better to take suggestion of the doctors. So, now instead of using type-1 for children they are treating it as "Diabetes for Children." Diabetes... Irrespective Of Ages Can we Identify it in the Early Days Commonly in 40% to 50% of the people the pancreatic glands stop functioning and the insulin will not be generated. In the sense, when these glands, pancreatic glands are about to stop function, then ewe can identify this deficiency. So for identifying, a protein called "C-peptide" is more useful. This protein is released from the pancreatic glands along with the insulin. So, if children are found with diabetes, then the immediate step to be taken is the blood test. After blood test, if it is found that the protein "C-peptide" is present with enough quantity(i.e., more than 0.3 nano gram per milliliter) in the blood then we can make sure that the pancreatic glands are working properly. And if it is less than that then we can make sure that the pancreatic glands are not working or functioning properly. It is also said that if the pancreatic glands are working properly then we can decide or treat the disease as type-2 and if it is not working properly then we can decide it as type-1. But the fact is that, as observed in more than 40% of the children, even though if children contains enough amounts of "C-peptide", they are suffering from diabetes. So, we cannot decide these type of children under type-1 diabetes. It is also observed that , even though the pancreatic glands are working properly and the insulin is being generated properly but still they are suffering from diabetes. These type of people are treated as type-2 diabetic patients. To these type of patients it is not necessary to give them insulin injections. So, for elders we can start the treatment by giving small doses of tablets and later converting them insulin. From the past 10 to 12 years the awareness among the diabetes among children have been increased. But the important thing is that it is not necessary to treat the children with injecting insulin from the initial stage but should be given for only and particularly those who required. So, first and foremost thing we need to do if diabetes is found in children is that we need to check the levels of the amounts and levels of "C-peptide" protein. If it is not present in the enough levels then we need to give them insulin or else treating them with tablets is better in the initial stage. Will it Change Further from Type-1 to Type-2? Diabetes... Irrespective Of AgesFor example if a child is suffering from diabetes as we know that the first thing we need to do is to examine the "C-peptide" protein levels in the body. If they are present in sufficient levels then treat it as type-2 diabetes and then give the child tablets instead of insulin. But it may change in the future. In the future the pancreatic glands may stop functioning and generating the insulin. So, if the child contains the antibodies like gad and islet cell then it is sure that the child should be given insulin in the future. For this type of patients it is better to start giving the insulin at the initial stage. But, make sure that the child should undergo antibody examination once a year. Rare Case of Diabetes Rarely in some children both type-1 diabetes (because of the immunity level of insulin) and type-2 diabetes, pancreatic beta cell dis-function due to the release of insulin at insufficient amounts will be seen in children at a time. So, we call them as Double or Hybrid diabetes. Treatment with respect to Ages Age Between 15 to 25 years To the people in between these ages should undergo examination of "C-peptide" and Auto Antibodies and if they are in enough quantity and same as that of the elders, then they should be treated with insulin's like metmorfin, pioglitazone medicines. Age between 15 to 5 years If the children in between these ages are fat and they should be treated with metmorfin tablets instead of insulin and for the children who are thin should be treated with nile urea medicines. But if children contains gad antibodies in this age, then they should be treated with insulin further. So, these type of children will be given both insulin and medicines. Age less than 5 years If the children who suffer from diabetes in this age should be definitely give insulin irrespective of any other examination like the levels of "C-peptide" proteins in the body. Children below five years of age require growth. So this will give them to improve growth hence insulin is required. So, it is better to give them insulin instead of tablets. Diabetes... Irrespective Of Ages If you Neglect it then it is Dangerous If we neglect diabetes then we suffer a lot. As seen in elders they suffer a lot of problems like heart attack, diseases related to kidneys and even people may lose their eye sight, but this may not be seen in children. But if we neglect in children then they will suffer from Tuberculosis. So, to take care extra care is better such as giving sufficient amounts of nutrition food, keeping diabetes in control, and maintaining cleanliness is important. Children should maintain exact weight with respect to their height and do not take extra care on them and let them live as simple as others live. The glucose level should be maintained below 100 in the morning, and in the rest of the day time it should be less than 140. Children aged between 15 to 25 will strive even though the glucose level varies, but the children
 aged between 5 to 15 cannot maintain these levels. If they try to maintain then the sugar levels will decrease gradually. So, to these children we should not limit or should take extra care of their food habits as they go to school, play and dance. Hence they should be given insulin and tablets. The children aged between 15 to 25 is a crucial period for all of them. So, for the children who are more fat in between these ages should try to maintain their weight or lose weight. Make sure that there should not be sweat in between the leg fingers and the genitals for the whole day. And try to maintain infection free at those places. Diabetes... Irrespective Of Ages Do not Worry about their Future Parents should not worry about their children's future who are suffering with diabetes. It was also proved in a study people who maintain diabetes in control by having proper diet will live longer than that of the other people. Children who are suffering from diabetes in between the ages of 5 to 25 will grew more height than that of other people if they use insulin. If its is mandatory to give children insulin at least two times a day then make sure that give them insulin with less quantity for more number of times so that it will be good for them. Symptoms that will be Noticed in Diabetic Children Diabetic children will become more dull in their studies, sharpness decreases. They do not afford to do their own work and do not show interest in studies. Children will suffer from hungriness, thirsty and urination. As these increases slowly it is hard to find out. Resistance and immunity power gradually decreases in the children who are suffering from diabetes. So, by this they will suffer from lot of infections such as nose, throat and genital skin infections will be seen more in them. Type-2 diabetes will be occur unfortunately due to the deficiency of insulin. It occurs if the level of glucose increases in the blood and leads to hyperosmosis and the children will become unconscious immediately. This is danger for the children below five years and may not be dangerous for children below 15 years but keep in mind that it may leads to coma. If you have any doubt or find anything unfamiliar with the child's growth or health then it is better to undergo examination of glucose levels.

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