Mobile apps are becoming all the rage these days. Say it business leaders, app developers, entrepreneurs, or college students – all are excited to launch their own mobile app and reap the benefits of the mobile industry. But is this so easy?

Though there is a surplus of tools, technologies and resources available in the market to help you get started with mobile app development, there’s still a higher risk of app failure. If you look at the stats, an app loses 77 per cent of its users within three months while many struggles to get a single download.

Wondering what could be the reason behind? How can you prevent this situation and enjoy app success? If so, you are on the right page. Today, we are going to discuss the common pitfalls that ruin mobile app development dreams.

Mistakes to Avoid While Mobile App Development

Here are the mistakes you should consider and prevent to make your mobile application development process successful:-

1- Skipping App Discovery Phase

App Discovery phase might be time-consuming and boring but is extremely necessary for the successful app launch. Imagine, what is the use of developing a mobile application if the idea already exists or there’s no market for such apps? All your efforts and fund will be a waste.

This situation can be avoided by investing in app discovery. The discovery phase can help your app survive by validating your app idea, determining the right market to target, the audience to entertain and much more. In other words, this stage of mobile application development can help you get the insights which can act as the base for your app development process.

2- Too Many Platforms, Too Many Features

Many mobile app developers, with the intention to reach a wider audience and earn higher profits, launch their app on different platforms. But, is this the right decision? What if your audience is confined to a single platform? To ensure that you could leverage the desirable benefits without facing the aforementioned situation, it is good to build mobile applications for the platforms your users are upon.

Besides, don’t run to put all the elements in a single basket. Do not add so many features and services that end users get confused or frustrated (more choices, more confusion). To maintain a balance in this situation, it is perfect to look forward to MVP development. The MVP approach will help you make a simple and engaging app, test your app and have a lot many plans for app update with which you can remain in the headlines.

3- No Focus on User Experience

Many developers commit the mistake of focusing completely on the functionality of the application. No doubt, the features and functionality of your mobile app will keep the users hooked. But, what is the purpose of adding exemplary features if no one turns towards mobile application? How to bring users to your application and prompt them to try one?

This is where the mobile app UI comes into play. The mobile app design and appearance attract the sight of the end users and prompt them to download your application, resulting in higher downloads.

When it comes to UI/UX design, it is always better to make the design simple yet engaging. And yes, being familiar with the recent UI/UX trends is also a profitable effort.

4- Overlooking Testing

Not investing in app testing is another mistake that many mobile app development companies commit. I agree that you wish to launch your application at the earliest to grab more attention in the market, but what is the use of launching a flawed app? Testing might be time-consuming but it increases the chances of app success by removing all the bugs and errors.

So, look into the matter. Invest in both alpha and beta testing to ensure that end users enjoy using your application.

5- No Pre-launch Marketing

Many mobile app developers consider marketing as something that should be done after the app launch. However, it is not so. With the increasing competition in the market, it is extremely necessary for a business leader or developer to begin with marketing practices before the app launch. This has manifold benefits. You can create a hype in the market, engage more users, as well as predict if your application would be a success in the market. With all such insights, you can launch the right mobile solution and gain higher momentum.


Mobile app development is a profitable deal, but there are many pitfalls that could turn your plans upside down. So, it is extremely necessary to consider these mistakes and use the insights gained for building a better mobile app development strategy.

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