Who said being healthy had to be difficult? Contrary to popular knowledge, setting out to be fitter and healthier does not mean that you have to completely turn your life around, or wake up at 5 am. There are so many ways you can optimise your journey to being healthier, without sacrificing or making major life changes. Yes, over time fitness can transform your life in amazing ways and alleviate stress from your life, but if you truly want to start the habits that will stick, you need to start by making them easy, and secondly making them attractive. 


Wondering how you can make a gruelling gym session easy, or even remotely attractive? Well, we have the answers for you. In this blog post, we will share exactly how to streamline your fitness journey and guide you to the road of healthy physical fulfilment! Take a look at the following suggestions:


Make it easy 


The first element needed to streamline your fitness journey is to make the process as easy as possible. You may be thinking ‘fitness is not easy’, and you would be correct. Getting into fitness, especially if you are a beginner will never be easy, however, there are ways to make it feel less of a hassle. Here are just a few ideas you may not have thought of that can make your fitness journey easy:


Pack your bag the night before 


Packing your gym bag the day before is one of the best ways to get yourself to the gym. So simple yet effective, having your gym bag ready the morning before your session will reduce the time it takes to get dressed/have all of the right equipment packed. This is especially important if you commute to work after your gym session. I mean really, who wants to get up first thing, half asleep and have to pack a bag for the gum and work? The answer is no one, so packing the night before when you are slightly more switched on will optimise the time it takes you to get out of the house!


Choose a gym close to home 


The next part of making your fitness journey easy involves choosing a gym that is close to home. Streamlining this new habit involves making it obtainable and easy to reach, meaning choosing a gym that is completely out of the way is not an option. Choose a gym that is at least within a 2-mile radius of your home or place of work. This way, there will be no excuse as to whether you should have the time to get to the gym in time. Minimising the possibility of excuses is key in the beginning!


Go with friends for motivation 


Who says the gym can’t be an opportunity to catch up with friends? Meeting up with your besties for motivation to go to the gym is a great idea, as long as they are a positive influence. Choose some friends who already go to the gym, or friends who are likewise starting their fitness journey. Having your friends as accountability partners will push you to show up to the gym even when times are tough, and even use this as an opportunity to compete with each other if you have a competitive streak.


Meal prep your food for the week


Food is another one of the key metrics of a successful fitness journey. The 80/20 rule states that 80% of the physical change will come from the healthy food changes you will make, and 20% will be the exercise you do. That means to streamline your fitness journey to the best of your ability, you also need to make your diet a priority. Eating will be the hardest challenge to overcome, especially when your diet requires a drastic change. Prepping your breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week will not only; save you time, but it will also provide the perfect opportunity to track your nutrient intake. For example, if you are trying to lose some weight, you need to be calculating how many calories you are eating to ensure you are maintaining a calorie deficit.


Treat yourself as a beginner and build 


You will not have the experience and expertise of someone qualified, so who are you trying to fool? You are a beginner at this point, so there is no shame in starting from the ground and working your way up. Start small. Small weights, small sets and less intense workouts. Give yourself the time to simply learn the movements, and also get used to the habit of showing up to the gym. It will allow you to build through gradual repetition.


Make it attractive 


Next up in streamlining your fitness goals, you need to make them attractive. Again, a beginner who hates fitness and the gym might be confused in the area of making fitness attractive. Well, it is possible. Here are just a few of the ways you can do this for yourself.


Opt for a gym with nice facilities 


The gym can be exactly what you have been hoping for. From new equipment, wellness facilities and women’s only sections, there are gyms around today that are tailored to just about anyone. Consider what it is you are looking for in a gym, and seek out the location that best suits your requirements. Choose a gym that has all of the equipment you were hoping for, or all of the classes you had been hoping to try. All of these features included within a monthly membership make attending that much more worth it. 


Prep delicious but healthy foods 


We previously mentioned prepping food, but we did not go into detail regarding the types of food you should be prepping. You may see endless salads and chicken boxes online, but what if we told you there is so much more to experience when it comes to healthy foods? Meal prep can be as exciting or as exotic as you would like it to be. Use platforms such as TikTok or online recipe websites to see how others prepare delicious yet healthy meals that keep their tummies full throughout the day.


Do the workouts you enjoy


Working out is not all about gruelling sessions that make you wish they were over. Fitness can also be fun, and something you get excited about taking part in. From dance classes, to rock climbing, engaging in your fitness can be more than a simple gym workout. Find sports and activities that you love and ones that keep you moving. These types of sessions are the ones that will leave you feeling your best and coming back for more.


Don’t over restrict yourself 

Last and certainly not least, it is important to allow yourself the occasional treats and to not over restrict yourself. Giving yourself too much leniency during this journey will make you fall off, however heavy restriction can lead to you purging on all of the habits that made you unhealthy in the first place. Give yourself a day of the week to treat yourself to anything from a cheat meal to ready to drink cocktails. There are healthier alternatives to the things you love, so even allowing these occasional treats in a lower-calorie, more nutrient dense format will be better for you in the long run.

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