The Perfect London Travel Guide


London is one of the best cities to visit in the world. Furthermore, there is a lot of history in the capital, with a variety of cuisines from different cultures. Not to mention the amazing nightlife across the city.


London is a massive city. It is great for those who love a city break because you can guarantee you will find something new every time you visit. The wide variety of food markets, restaurants, bars, and vintage shops will leave you overwhelmed with what to do. Accommodation is fantastic in London too, with unique interior designs that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. 


There are a couple of issues with London. One of them is that it is ridiculously busy, no matter what time of year you visit. Travelling around London can also be difficult. Nonetheless, there are ways around it when you visit the capital. 


Must Visit Things To See In London


Let’s start with the most popular sites to see when visiting London. These are things that you have to visit because it is something that London is most known for. 


The Big Ben and the House Of Parliament


The Big Ben is arguably the most famous structure in London. However, you are unable to go inside this building. You can look like a classic tourist when you pose for pictures in front of this iconic Gothic building.


The House of Parliament is another iconic structure you must visit. Furthermore, the House of Parliament was founded in 1801 and you can enjoy a guided tour for as little as £30. If the history of the UK government appeals to you then this is definitely worth the visit. 


Tower Of London and Bridge


The Tower of London is one of the most iconic and historical buildings in London. This fantastic structure was built in 1070  and ever since, it has had many extensions on the building. Furthermore, you can walk inside the tower as well as along the glass walkways. Additionally, you can see the crown jewels along with the battlements and mediaeval rooms. Plus, you can see the iconic black ravens in the tower. 


Buckingham Palace


Buckingham Palace is another historical building that you can visit in London. However, it is important to note that the Palace is open to the public ten weeks a year during the summer. Nonetheless, if you are not interested in a tour inside the building, you can stand outside and watch the guards change over. 


Trafalgar Square


You have probably seen Trafalgar Square on many lists of places to visit in London. It holds some of the most famous monuments that the city has to offer. Plus, it is surrounded by numerous galleries, museums, historical buildings and more. 


Trafalgar Square also has a history behind it, with it being the primary location for many peaceful rallies and demonstrations. 


London Eye


The London Eye is a common site to see when visiting London. Furthermore, it is great to see panoramic views of the city for just £30.50. Although that may seem a lot, you won’t see anything like it for the price so this is worth a try if you are not afraid of heights. 


What Else To Visit In London? 


London has many things to see and do. Now we have got through the list of the more popular things to see in London, we will take you through a list of things to see and do that you may not know.


A City Full Of Museums


Museums are well-known for their historical architecture, however, it has plenty of museums to learn about the foundations of the capital. The Museum of London, Natural History Museum, National Gallery, British Museum and many more. If you enjoy visiting museums in your spare, this is the place for you. 


Food Markets With All Different Cultures


Amongst the history of London, there are many different food markets that you can enjoy as well. For example, the Borough Market is a great place to visit which has been there since the 13th century. Other food markets which are worth a visit include Arcade food hall, Broadway Market, Eataly, Southbank Centre Food Market and many more.


We must warn you that these food markets are extremely popular so if you don’t mind a busy environment, we highly recommend visiting some of these markets. 


Theatre Shows


Something else that is very common in London is theatre. There are many theatres scattered all across London so make sure you browse to see if there are any shows which interest you. 


If your accommodation is located in Covent Garden then we recommend the Royal Opera House. The Barbican is another iconic theatre in London which is located in the City of London. For a traditional theatre experience, the London Coliseum is worth a visit. 


Camden Market


You would have likely seen Camden Market as a recommended place to visit when in London before. This fantastic market is the home to well over 1,000 independent stores, cafes, stalls, bars, buskers and more There is nothing more traditional than the Camden market so we highly recommend this if you are nearby.  


Churchill War Rooms


There are many places to learn the history of the United Kingdom and the Churchill War Rooms are also on that list. This is a historian’s dream, especially for those interested in World War 2. Furthermore, it has a room dedicated to the man himself. 


London Is Very Green Too


Did you know, technically London is considered a forest? That is why when you visit London, you must not only visit the historical buildings and museums that the city holds. Visit some of its most famous parks that can exercise your legs and take you away from the hustle and bustle of London. 


There are many parks to visit such as Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, St James’ Park, Victoria Park and many more. Sometimes, you don’t want to see concrete buildings on your weekend away. That is why visiting one of these parks is a great way to separate yourself from the busy lifestyle. 


To Conclude


As you can see, London has many wonderful places to visit, your options are endless. However, we recommend you take a big budget with you. It is an expensive city to eat at some of these restaurants and stay at the hotels. 


Travelling around London can also be expensive. You can either spend your weekend travelling on the tube or, choose one of the Knightsbridge parking lots that are located under Hyde Park, the heart of London. 


Travelling is something we all need in our lives., whether that is city breaks or a road trip. However, London is a magical city as there is plenty to do and learn when you are there. If it isn’t already on your bucket list then make sure you add it. 

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