It is with no doubt that everyone’s wish is to live a longer and healthier life. With every dawn, lives are lost due to health related ailments. What a shame! To evade such, one is expected to tread on a healthy path. Without motivation and influence, this would prove difficult. A mass of fit and hearty individuals will definitely convince you to join their band wagon- safer lifestyle. No one would opt to be the odd one out in a sea of healthy people, would you? The way of living leaves a great impact on a human body making it a disease-free zone. In such places: cancer, diabetes, kidney problems are unheard of.

Travelling the world remains everyone’s top choice. However, the task lies on which country to choose. Luckily, this has been made a walk in the park by outlining to you some of the healthiest cities in the world. They have been branded as havens of healthy living. Is it because of their strategic location? Is it just their customs? Is it because of their vast resources? Well, let’s find out below:

    New Zealand

New Zealand Tour Mt Arthur Ridge

This is one of the places you’d be lucky to visit. Compared to other regions, life expectancy here is commendable; for women it is 83 and 78 for men. There is more to that. Health care is on another level since it is free and affordable by everyone. Besides, the food eaten is directly derived from the farms still fresh and nutritious. There is no way you would walk without catching sight of a blooming garden sprouting with vegetables and fruits.

The infamous ocean too harbors essential nutrients for the body like seaweeds and fish. In fact, it seems a taboo not to own fishing net and a boat in your household. For sports, most inhabitants prefer hiking and walking by the sandy beaches of the ocean. Everyone is always on the move. Yes, it would seem weird at first sight but will absolutely blend in this place buzzing with activities.

Tokyo, Japan

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With the highest number of population, this has never hindered Tokyo from topping the list as one of the healthiest cities. Their manageable resources have shoveled them to greater heights. Health remains Tokyo’s great concern as they have strived to construct as many health facilities as possible. As a result, life expectancy is at 84 which is great right?

Besides that, the common mode of transport is public and is preferred by many hence making it a pollution free zone. One can also rent a car in Tokyo to go places. Their food: vegetables and fish contribute to their health which is in plenty. Their strict customs and traditions breed values and hold them together as a family.

     Minnesota, USA

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The sophisticated healthcare in this city has brought more harm than good. This has contributed greatly since even at old age, its citizens continue reaping seeds of good healthcare. The state has made this possible by recruiting as many health care experts as possible to reach out to the people and attend to them as well as sensitize them. Another notable thing is that most of its resources have been set aside to provide human wellness in terms of keeping fit.


Singapore Military Force Capt. (Dr.) Desmond Ng performs a tooth extraction during a dental civic

Termed as a place of immortality, Singapore has justified the claim by sustaining its people to old age. The mortality rate is at a lower level making the expectancy rate high. This has been made attainable by the health care which is efficient and effective. It has certainly contributed to ridding the city of diseases that could cut short humans’ priceless lives.

The public transportation is favored by many. As a result, it has made pollution and traffic jams long forgotten ordeals. The large tracks and fields enable people to either run or ride bicycles.

     Perth, Australia

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This is probably the most habitable place on earth. It is a healthy site especially for the women. Cycling has been promoted by constructing numerous shelters for them as its owners board the trains to head to their respective work stations. The favorable climate enables the workers access the numerous places set aside by the government for recreation purposes. It has even become a culture to behold among the citizens. Sport is a norm as it has been inculcated in them through the many facilities provided by the state.

     In conclusion

The healthcare, environment, foods, culture evidenced by these countries have highly rocketed them to what they are today- healthy cities. Make a winning bet by choosing the countries above and the changes in you will be out rightly evident- a healthier being.

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