Whether you believe in new year’s resolutions or not, freshening up your business strategy should at the top of your list. At the end of any year, it is important that you evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Productivity tends to slow down on the lead up to Christmas, therefore it is important your businesses bounces back in January.

Have An Agile Plan

Project management is essentially planning ahead and monitoring work efficiently through the process. By motivating yourself and your team to be more efficient in the workplace means that you will improve estimation planning within your organisation.

First things first, make sure you are giving your customers clear and correct estimations. Make sure that your decisions and timings are realistic, as poor planning can make a major impact on your customer service. Improving your business planning will help you and your employees maintain a successful long-term business.

Be More Productive In 2017 With Agile Training Methods

This is why it is important that you and your employees are comfortable creating estimations for clients. This is a skill that may not come naturally to you and all of your employees, this is often why complaints are made.  This may mean investing in project management training, as the better trained your staff are – the more productive they will be.

Invest In Agile Training

Having structure within your business is important, therefore it is important that you and your employees can walk before you can run. Make sure that you are using a process that promotes a controlled project management within your business.

Overhauling your business in the new year may lead to failure. Instead use a practice that takes steps towards better project management within your business. The Agile training ideology is based on inspection, adaptation, leadership, teamwork, organisation and accountability.

A project management strategy will benefit your business as it works towards a complete goal. If your business is in the early stages of development, a project management will help you to eliminate a number of risks.

Any good project manager knows how to cope with the risk of failure as they have the ability to plan ahead for these risks. It is common for a small business to fail shortly after they have launched due to lack of planning. Offering your clients ‘guestimates’ for timescales and delivery dates often looks unprofessional and it may drive your employees to one of your competitors.

Why Is Project Management Important?

Good communication is a key factor to project management and by gaining project management skills, you and your team will be able to work together better, towards a common goal. There is an element of team bonding behind “collaborative planning” as it creates shared responsibility.

According to Go2HR “employee training is worth the investment” as the recent survey has indicated that 40% of employees who receive poor job training leave their positions within the first year.

By training your employees, it will create a positive spiral effect within your business. A happy team creates happy customers and with studies showing that 76% of employees want opportunities for career growth, your employees will be much happier in their job role once they are trained.

Be More Productive In 2017 With Agile Training Methods

Improving Productivity 2017

The main responsibility of a project manager’s is to drive a business’ projects forward. They are assigned with the task of assuring each project’s success by undertaking a systematic approach when tackling each task.

Consistency is important and extremely beneficial if you want a team that are more productive. If your client receives their project on time, on budget and on brief, that is a massive success for you both. Being able to achieve these expectations every time is the hard part. Learning to be more consistent comes with up-skilling and putting the actions you have taken place

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