After some time, working in a small space such as a cubicle can cause additional stress and make you feel bored and unfulfilled while doing your job. While the nature of one’s work can be a problem on its own, some decorating tips and tricks can do wonders for a small cubicle. They can make it cozier, homelier and, generally speaking, more encouraging and inspiring for a full working day.

Wall art and Pictures

Nothing says home like a bunch of family photos and other pictures that calm your mind. So, do the same for your cubicle. Bring the photos of your family members or close friends to your work, put them in nice frames and let their smiles give you energy to go through the day. Also, you shouldn’t overlook wall art. The emptiness of dull cubicle walls can feel suffocating and it is best to hang posters or pictures that would make you happy when you look at them. Another thing you can do is try to create a false window. Simply find a picture that depicts your ideal nature scenery, frame it like you would frame a window or a mirror, and hang in on a wall.

5 Decor Ideas To Make Your Cubicle Feel More Like Home

The help of Green

Everyone has their favorite flower, but even if you are not that into the world of flora, any green plant can transform your cubicle for the better. Green color, in general, soothes the eyes and the mind while plants purify the air and atmosphere around them. You might think that watering a plant can only be a tedious task, but there are many indoor plants that are really easy to take care of and do not require any special attention. With just a little effort, you could have your natural air purifier and “zen” feeling that the plants provide.

Smart and Creative Storage Solutions

Think about how you organize your stuff at home and apply the same technique to the drawers and cabinets in your cubicle. If you do not have that many storage options in the work place, you can resort to DIY projects to make the necessary storage solutions or simply buy cheap plastic containers that will serve as drawers. You do not have to stop there. If you want to have something more special for your storage, you can always paint the boxes or put colorful collages and pictures over the cabinet doors and drawers. This will definitely make coming to work more interesting.

Make it Comfortable

If you miss the comfort of your home while at work, simply try to make your time in the cubicle more comfortable. If the chair you are sitting on is giving you back pain, you can always bring some comfy cushions from home or even invest in a good supporting office chair. If you are worried about your eyesight, but you have to spend a lot of time staring at the computer screen, get yourself a pair of computer glasses that will relieve pressure from your eyes and minimize possible headaches.

Add Accessories
5 Decor Ideas To Make Your Cubicle Feel More Like Home

Anything that makes you feel as if you were at home can become an accessory for your cubicle. For example, interesting figurines that remind you of pleasant moments can find their place on your desk. The same goes for paper and pencil holders. You can even look up unique calendars and decorative clocks online, since the Internet offers a lot more creative possibilities than regular stores. It’s all about your temperament and personality, so do not be afraid to express it in your own cubicle.

Let’s face it – most people spend the biggest part of their day at work. If this means sitting in a cubicle for 8 or more hours, there is nothing wrong with trying to make your surroundings feel as pleasant as possible by adjusting the décor to your own individual needs and preferences.