As more and more devices in our homes come equipped with an Internet connection, it’s only natural that you want to hook them up to your Wi-Fi and have them perform extra actions. A smart home is the dream of many. Imagine living in a place where all your appliances do your bidding without you having to lift a finger. The Internet of Things is still an area in development, but equipping your home with the right gear now will help you to make the first passes toward a smart home. Checking out these seven devices will be a good start.

1. Smart TV

That type of TV allows users to navigate through content like music, movies, and social media, but also browse the Internet. Naturally, access to television channels is also part of the smart TV experience. Some smart TVs have voice interaction capabilities so you won’t even need to use the remote control.

2. m-Powered Washer and Dryer

Another home appliance area you can easily make smarter is your washer and dryer. LG recently released SmartThinQ washer and dryer that can perform a number of intelligent tasks. The machine can detect when the power consumption in your area is at its lowest and operate at the time when energy rates are lower. You can easily change the start time of preset wash cycles directly from your smart phone. The dryer includes a range of steam settings options that minimize odors and wrinkles, reducing the need for ironing your clothes.

3. Thermostat Setting

If you’d like to have full control over the temperature in your house, the Nest is a smart pick. This beautifully designed programmable device learns your schedule and automatically programs itself to heat up your house at the right time. You can control it directly from your phone as well. Teach the machine to respond to you needs and it can save you up to 20% on heating and cooling costs.

4. Samsung Powerbot

If you’ve got a large space that needs cleaning, it’s smart to invest in a cleaning robot. Samsung Powerbot is slim and sleek, making it far more practical for sweeping places that are hard to reach, for instance under beds or sofas. The device maps and remembers the contours of each room, recognizes when it’s located on carpeting or hardwood, and automatically adjusts the amount of required section.   

5. Aerus Beyond Guardian Air

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, this device will be of immense help. Beyond Guardian Air air purifier is a combination of unique technologies such as ion generation and photocatalytic oxidation that significantly reduces the amount of viruses, mold, bacteria, and fungi in the air within a 2,000-square-feet area to help you live a healthier life.

6. Home Automation Systems

Another way to make your home smart is getting a home automation system. Most wireless home control technologies offer a wide range of both hardware and software that matches all residential needs. You can control the irrigation of your garden or focus on security and buy a device that senses occupancy. Remote-control HVAC is a popular option as well. All that might sound like a little too much, so if you find automating your home a little overwhelming, you can ease into automation with starter kits  that allow to control basic appliances or lighting.

7. Video Doorbell

This smart device is an excellent security measure. It basically works like a caller ID for your front door. The VTech video doorbell allows to video chat with visitors before you answer the door. If you’re not home, the system will take a snapshot every time the doorbell is pressed. That way you always know who came knocking on your door while you were away.

There are more devices you can use to smartify your home. It’s enough to invest in these 7 accessible gadgets, however, to really feel an upgrade in the quality of your living space.

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