If you have a small closet space or a small cupboard that’s constantly overflowing with clothes, then you must be familiar with the age old problem of going shopping for new clothes, coming home and not having anywhere to store your beautiful, shiny new additions to your clothing collection. Don’t worry, no need to throw out any of your clothes to make space for your new ones because luckily, there are a few easy hacks using hangers that can greatly amplify the amount of space you are working with. Here are 9 hanger hacks that will make your life a lot easier:

9 Hangers Hacks For Maximizing Your Storage Space

1. Hang Your Boots

A girl can never have enough shoes and one of most space consuming footwear are boots. Try hanging your boots from hangers for a great alternative that will save you tons of space and also make it easy for you to see all your shoes in one place. Doing this will stop you from rummaging endlessly under the bed for your favorite pair of shoes and getting ready in the morning will be faster than ever before.

2. Display Your Sunglasses

On a bright, sunny day you want to be able to pick up your favorite pair of sungalsses and head out. In reality, we usually misplace a new pair of sunglasses every other week. Either they are hidden under the bed or at the back of your closet. A great way to display all your sunglasses in one place is to hang them together on a hanger.

3. Tank Top Collection

If you own a million tank tops, spaghetti tops and other slinky tops that are better hung than folded, then this hanger hack is genius. Simply attach plenty of shower curtain hooks onto your hanger and hang every delicate top you own in one place. This will also make it easier to find these tops and will help you plan your outfit easily.

4. Jewelry Collection

A great way to display all your necklaces in one place is to screw in some eye hooks into a basic hanger and hang all your sparkly possessions in one place. For a detailed tutorial on how to make your own jewelry holder using a hanger, check out this link. This hanger hack is also a great way to store your belts and scarves.

5. Bottoms Up

For preserving the quality of your fanciest trousers, always use wooden hangers. However, do you find that every time you open your cupboard or go into your closet, your favorite pair of trousers have slipped off the hanger and are lying in a pool on the floor? The best way to tackle this dilemma is to stick two small pieces of felt glides on the hanger. This anti-slip material will keep those trousers hanging exactly as you left them.

In fact, felt glides are great for almost any type of clothing that you would normally find slipping off your hangers. For example, a dress with thin straps will almost certainly slip off any hanger, but by placing felt glides strategically on the top sides of the hanger, it stays firmly in place. A few pieces of coiled up pipe cleaner applied on the ends of your hanger will keep the slinkiest of silk tops in place as well.

6.Clutch and Go

If you own more than one clutch or small purse or even a tote bag, it can be a struggle to find what you need, when you actually need it. A great way to keep all your bags in one place is to insert some hooks and hang all your purses in one place.

7. Stacked Up

Hangers can be stacked on top of each other to double or even triple your storage space. All that this hack requires is a can tab placed at the base of the hook. This will be used to hang the next hanger and of course, keep in mind that very heavy items should probably not be hung on these hangers as the can tab could snap if the weight is too high for it to support.

8. Flipside

If you nail a hanger in your bathroom upside down, it can be used to hang two different towels. This is a genius hanger hack for when you want to place both a large and smaller towel on one hanger. Who knew that simply by flipping a hanger upside down you could double your space!

9. Coat Closet

Using a little bit of DIY, hang your wooden hanger upside down and at an angle. This hack requires you to change the shape of the hanger a little, after which you screw them into a wooden board on the wall. The whole tutorial can be seen here. This hack doubles your entryway space for storing coats, hats and bags since both ends of the hanger can be used for a different item.

These 9 hanger hacks are a great way to not only maximize the storage space in your home but to also help you see exactly what you own. By being able to see your clothes easily and without having to look under the bed or behind a mountain of other clothes, you can better plan your outfit on a daily basis and save a lot of time too. Hangers can be used not only to store clothes and accessories but to organize your closet as well. Who knew that a hanger could be used for clothes, jewelry as well as shoes!

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