Being stuck with a DUI has severe legal and financial consequences. Even with the help of a Denver DUI lawyer, you may find that these consequences affect multiple aspects of your life. The best way to prevent receiving a DUI is to avoid drinking and driving altogether. These tips for when you go to a party and when you throw a party can help both you and your friends avoid the consequences that come from a DUI.

When You Go to a Party

When you go to a party or another social gathering where alcohol is served, be responsible. Know your limits when it comes to drinking. If you know you have to drive home at the end of the night, stop drinking several hours before the end of the evening and replace the drink in your hand with water or soda. Your Denver DUI lawyer may also advise you to choose a designated driver to take you home or call a cab instead of trying to drive home after a night out.

Different Ways To Avoid Being Charged With A DUI

When You Throw a Party

If you are planning on hosting a social gathering, you do not have to avoid serving alcohol altogether. Instead encourage your guests to engage in safe drinking behaviors by offering a variety of other non-alcoholic beverages for your guests to drink. You should also serve plenty of food alongside the drinks. In addition to plenty of food and alternate drinks, you may also want to consider not serving alcohol anymore a few hours before the party is scheduled to end. Pay attention to how your guests are doing at the end of the night. If you find that one of your guests seems a little bit tipsy and is unsafe to drive, help them find a ride home with a friend or call a cab for them.

If you were given a DUI on the way home from a party, a Denver DUI lawyer can help guide you through the process and may even be able to lessen the repercussions of this legal charge. Visit for more guidance through the process.

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