Earlier this week, Ivanka Trump tweeted out a Father’s Day Gift Guide, accompanied by the text: “Whether a football lover or a coffee aficionado, these picks will please every dad.” Unfortunately for Ivanka, the internet began striking back immediately.

“Soon after posting the message Twitter users trolled the first daughter over her gift ideas,” reports AOL News. “User @paradisedicey2 wrote, “What will please my dad is not losing health insurance!” Another user called @ezradf said, “My dad wanted a clean environment without rising sea levels or record high temps. I wish that had been one of your gifts.”

The problem with Ivanka’s tweet is that it really doesn’t seem to take into account “every” dad–especially when those gifts are nose-in-the-air $250 coffee makers and $325 briefcases. Fortunately, I have created a list for whatever type of dad you have, whether he’s athletic, geeky, or anywhere in between..

Athletic Dad

For the athletic dad, you have plenty of great options. You’ll want to think along the lines of indoor and outdoor workouts, as well as whether your dad is a workout-at-home type of guy or more of an in-the-gym fitness master.

If your dad is just getting into fitness, or maybe looking to step up their game at the gym, consider purchasing him a couple of personal training sessions at the local fitness club. Even just a few sessions can provide your dad with the know-how to stay fit on his own. Prices vary based on gym and location.

Other suggestions for athletic dads include sweat-wicking towels, kettle bells, and foam-roller mats. These are all affordable options for the sweat-seeking father.

Geeky Dads

The problem with writing about gifts for geeky dads is two-fold: one, there are more and more geek dads popping up every day, and two: there are way too many cool geeky things out there to post all of them here. Fortunately, ThinkGeek has compiled a big list of gifts that could work for geek dads, including:

  • The Legend of Zelda Collector’s Chess Set: With the popularity of Breath of the Wild this year, it’s no doubt that some dad’s have gotten knee-deep into the Zelda craze. Once they’re tired of roaming Hyrule, they can turn their strategic eye to the chess-board, and defeat Ganon once again!
  • Tiny Arcade – Miniature Cabinet: Maybe nerdy chess isn’t your pops’s style. Maybe he’s more into actual video games, especially the retro kind. Unfortunately, arcade cabinets can be expensive–however, if you willing to cut down on the size, you can also cut down on the price! The Tiny Arcade is only $44.99 and will take your father back to the arcades of the 80s. Bonus points if you buy him a fanny pack.
  • Alien Ovomorph Egg Cookie Jar: Ridley Scott’s Alien may have been the defining movie for female horror protagonists, but that doesn’t mean that dear old dad can’t enjoy it too! This Ovomorph cookie jar is perfect for dads who are fans of the Alien franchise and enjoy novelty gifts–defensive facehugger not included.

The Any Dad

If your dad doesn’t really fit any of the stereotypes above, maybe something more general like a gift card would suit him. Just remember the dos and don’ts for buying gift cards: do keep the receipt, register the card online to protect against loss, and buy from established retailers that offer coupons. Don’t buy gift cards from untrustworthy retailers or without doing some research.

The most important thing to remember is that your dad will likely be happy with whatever gift you give him. It’s not about the gift itself, but rather the fact that you gave one. You don’t need to drop $325 on a briefcase for your gift to matter–a $20 gift card with a well thought-out message might be just what the doctor ordered.

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