In recent times, YouTube has emerged as a popular source of traffic whose potential is consistently growing. Businesses of all genre are aware of this fact and are looking to hire SEO specialists for completely utilizing the platform. In recent years, YouTube is seen as a promising prospect for generating leads and a number of strategies have been devising in order to fully utilize the platform. In this article, we are going to showcase some of the best SEO strategies that will enable you to improve your YouTube rankings.

Write Descriptions For Your Video

YouTube or Google cannot know about a video until unless you write a brief description about this. The content that you write for a video will matter a lot. This even includes the title of the video. Optimizing a YouTube video is similar to a web page as it also consists of titles, tags, and descriptions. The keywords must be used in a proper manner and don’t forget to add a link to your website in the video’s description.

Quality of The Video

No user would want to stream a low-quality video when there is a high definition option available of it. YouTube understands this and gives preference to videos that are of high-quality. It is obvious that users also want to watch only those videos that give them a good visual experience. By uploading poor quality videos you will be reducing the credibility and brand awareness of your business.

Sharing on Social Media

The purpose of you uploading your video is to make it reach to a wider audience. So, it becomes your responsibility to increase its visibility on the different platforms. The best way to go about this is to share the video’s link on various social profiles, embed the video on the website and share it on other sites for growing its reach. The number of likes, shares, links, and views that you get on your video also play a role in ranking the video.

Add Closed Captions and Subtitles

By adding closed captions to your videos you will be able to reach audiences that have hearing impairments. These captions are crawlable by the search engines and will give a number of opportunities for achieving high rank for the video. YouTube has an automatic captions feature but you will have to make some corrections in it.

Annotations and Thumbnails

The custom thumbnail feature for the annotations and the videos will help you increase the click through rate of the video along with its shares and views. As a video uploader, you get to choose a thumbnail of your choice. Through annotations, you will be able to add text into your video. Recently a new feature called Cards has been added to expand annotations.

Create Playlists That Are Keyword Rich

The best way to organize your YouTube channel is to organize all your videos into playlists. This will help you in getting more traffic onto them. By adding a keyword-rich playlist will give YouTube relevant information about your videos. This is similar to adding a description. The more content you add, the possibility of getting more views will increase.

In The End

Above is a brief description of few of the SEO strategies that will be very beneficial in boosting YouTube rankings. If you feel that you won’t be able to implement all these strategies by your own then you can always take assistance from an Affordable SEO company. Following these techniques or strategies in a planned manner will definitely generate more views for your YouTube video.

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