Marketing automation tools are becoming more and more popular nowadays. According to the statistics, about 50% of businesses implement such platforms. As for B2B companies, 55% of them have already adopted the technology of CRM. More than 90% of the most successful users of marketing automation tools confess that this software is extremely important for the overall prosperity of their marketing campaigns.Let us have a look at the key advantages of such solutions and find the best ways to use them. As an example, let us consider bpm’online – a cloud-based platform with a number of user-friendly CRM-oriented tools for medium and large businesses. This platform helps companies gain excellent demand generation by means of identifying clients’ needs and cultivating their interests, so that they could successfully transform into opportunities and buyers. Bpm’online provides companies 360-degree customer view, a system designer, a number of tools for knowledge management, event management, synchronization, data import, etc.

Some Reasons Why You Should Use Marketing Automation Tools

Here are some of the macro-level benefits that CRM-oriented platforms for big and medium businesses:

#1. Marketing automation tools cut the staff costs.

When you implement the marketing automation software, the productivity of every employee increases. You get the opportunity to set up lead nurturing and marketing campaigns, which will be triggered automatically in accordance with certain criteria. It can take you several months to start these campaigns, but later you’ll be able to send out thousands of personalized emails per day on autopilot.

#2. CRM tools increase the company’s revenue and the average size of its deals.

After you have automated the organization’s cross-sell, up-sell, as well as client follow-ups, you are likely to notice that your customer lifetime value has become much higher. Combine these results with the improved lead management and prioritization – and you will surely see a better return on investment. All this contributes to increasing revenue and deal-size by some means or other.

#3. Marketing automation tools improve amenability of marketing and sales teams.

The software of the kind can show you the bottlenecks of your business. When you have a bird-eye view of the company’s pipeline and its marketing processes, you can easily see which aspects of your business need to be polished. For example, you may have hundreds of leads, which, however, are not nurtured well enough to become ‘sales-qualified buyers’. In this case, your marketing team will receive the notification that they should improve their nurturing strategy. This feedback system will improve the company’s internal communication, as well as the customer relationships. Besides, it can increase department’s accountability.

#4. They let your business be more effective.

As a rule, every company – no matter, whether it is small or big – has a limited amount of resources for the growth and development. CRM platforms let businesses extract everything they can from the time and resources at their disposal.

#5. Marketing automation decreases repetitive tasks and increases creativity.

Such platforms let the members of sales and marketing departments replace manual routine work with automated operations and campaigns. Consequently, they can free up some time to focus on other, more creative and important tasks.

How to Implement Marketing Automation Tools Successfully

First of all, you should not be afraid of creating automated email campaigns: this method of interaction with customers won’t make you sound like a robot. On the contrary, you can send personalized emails to each buyer, based on his individual needs and preferences. Naturally, you should not create the same mail templateі for all addressees – in this case, your marketing campaign will fall by the wayside.

Fortunately, when you implement marketing automation tools, it becomes particularly easy for you to track clients’ behavior on your website and social networks, as well as during your email campaigns. Try to reveal the differences in your buyers’ interests – and you’ll never sound like any mass-produced advertiser.

One more thing you should never forget about is segmentation. For this purpose you need to gather as much data about your customers as possible – and here, CRM platform will also help you. Try several different approaches with different groups of customers, so that you could choose the most successful ones.

For instance, you can check whether the given group of customers interested in certain products show positive reaction to offer A or whether offer B works better for them. Test all the variants your team has developed. Do not forget to monitor the campaigns day by day and make changes when necessary.

A common mistake of many big and small businesses is creating a single campaign for all the segments of their clients and letting it run unchecked. In most cases, companies do not create the perfect marketing formula on the first try. As a rule, it takes them some time to develop the right variant, and regular testing lets them cope with this task much faster and better.

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