Millions of people purchase new cars each year and a large proportion of them don’t have enough money to pay in full. It means that many car buyers actually need car financing services. Car is one of the most expensive purchases in our lives, so it is important to consider our options before we are fully committed to this. However, it can be rather surprising to know that many car buyers don’t really haggle when they buy their cars. In fact, many car dealers allow consumers haggle for the price of the cars, but they don’t allow consumers to do that. By choosing the proper financing solution, we should be able to save a lot of money.

If we want to save money on car financing, the first thing to do is to research about the actual costs of the car. If we are able to get lower prices, our financial burdens will be lower. Combined with the best financing deal, the overall costs of owning the car will be even lower. It is also a good idea to choose local financing service or at least the one that we can contact easily through the phone. Financing costs can be reduced if we have good credit score. So, it is a good idea to improve our credit before planning to purchase the car. It is a good idea to spend enough time improving our credit records before applying for car financing.

If we have secure job and young enough, it is financially acceptable to borrow against our 401k. This will allow us to get low-interest loan for financing our car. However, we should be aware that the penalty can be quite severe if we fail to repay. We should ask the related financial institutions about the proper ways to borrow against our 401k. This should allow us to know how much we can borrow. Another low-cost method for car financing is by borrowing from someone we know. It means that we can negotiate on when and how to pay back our loans. It should also be helpful to get about 10 quotes, before choosing a car loan financing service.

We should look for ways to get pre-approved and this will save time and money. Ask financing professionals how we can be pre-approved because the regulation can be different depending on the country. In this case, our loan should be quickly approved by our lender. Interest rates and fees can be reduced if we put bigger down payment. We may also choose the dealer financing and car companies could have their own lending affiliates. Often, the process is much quicker and for each type of the car, there is a chart on how much we should pay each month, depending on the loan period and the amount of down payment.

Often it makes a good financial sense to choose a shorter term. Although we may pay lower amount of money each month with longer terms, but the overall interest and fees costs can be much higher.

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