With a huge range of iPhone accessories available from many different sellers it is easy to mould your iPhone into being whatever makes it work for you. A business man or woman may want to consider the perfect hands free kit and a fashionista can match their iPhone to their personal style. Even though stripped down your iPhone will still be the same as everyone else’s, there’s nothing stopping you from making yours match your personality.

With the iPhone becoming all the rage very quickly many artists and designers now produce their own iPhone covers and cases and all the top technology companies are coming on board to offer the best add-on. When you buy your new iPhone you may want to map out what additional extras you need for it.

Covers & Cases

Covers are a great idea for any iPhone user as they do a great job of protecting your iPhone form mishaps. The bear minimum recommended for an iPhone is a screen protector, which can be a cheap way of reducing the change of scratches on your screen. A case will provide better protection and are a great investment, they come in a range of designs, can be hard or soft depending on which option works best for you as a user and don’t have to be bulky or interfere with the everyday use of your iPhone.

Cases can be fashion accessories with designers such as Gucci, Burberry and Paul Frank launching their own covers, you can also have them personally designed with images of loved ones on them should you wish.

Cases can be very practical with some on the market offering battery charger packs, storage space and even doubling as a makeup case. Covers are essentially the same as covers; however they often come as a kind of sock that your phone slots into. These come in a range of styles and again, many designers and artists have launched their own. The covers are slightly more restrictive than cases as they require removal before you can use your iPhone; however they are perfect for anyone who feels that cases hide the beauty of a bare iPhone whilst they are using it and can usually be bought within a tight budget.

Also, once the time comes to sell iPhone cases and covers can also increase its value as it will be less damaged by wear and tear.

Car connectors

Some modern cars come with built in Bluetooth and MP3 player radios so you can just plug your iPhone in or turn it on and the music will play. However, if you haven’t got such a modern car radio and you want to listen to iTunes whilst driving you may want to consider an adaptor. Now you can buy a simple auxiliary lead but if your car doesn’t come with an auxiliary jack either, that will cause problems. Short of fitting a new car radio to your car, your options would be limited; if it wasn’t for FM transmitters and cassette adaptors. These devices allow you to send your music, podcasts, audiobooks and more from your iPhone to your car radio quickly and easier with minimum fuss and a great value for money.

Rachel Ellis is a technology and gadget enthusiast based in Windsor. She writes regularly for several tech blogs and gives tips on selling iPhone handsets and accessories.

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