Can’t sleep because your partner spoils your bedding routine? Have you changed your sleeping pattern just to adjust with your partner? Do you often sleep on the edges just to make him comfortable? Has your hog space been stolen by your partner?

Partner disturbance is one of the critical reasons to purchase a king sized bed and mattress. Be it snoring, twisting or tossing on the bed will lead to morning sickness. Believe me or not king size mattresses are #comfort till eternity. We have jotted down five reasons especially for you. Don’t think just give yourself a better dose of sleep.

History of king size bed:

In the mid-nineteen century, Americans were using twin beds or full size mattresses. The king size mattress was not that popular in those days. Marketers promoted combining “two twin mattresses” for couples. They called them “split kings mattresses.” Around 1952 the concept of “queen and king sized mattresses came into existence.” California king mattresses were the market leader in those times.

Advantages of king size bed:

  • A king size mattress is spacious than a regular mattress:

The size of general queen size mattresses is 60 inches which means 30 inches for one person. A king size bed is 76 inches wide which means 38 inches of personal space. It’s like a twin mattress for each person. If you are choosing California king size mattresses, you will get 4 inches of extra length. These beds are perfect for taller people and back sleepers.

  • Own space in spacious king size mattress:

Your bed is more than just sleeping! Such as mending clothes, watching TV, catching up with friends and family on a video call and many more. After working for hours, you and your partner well deserve “me time”. If you have a spacious bed it doesn’t mean you can’t hug your partner and be soothing.

  • De Perfecto for family time:

Your king size mattress is not just for you, they are for your little family as well. It is the best fit for rolling, falling, pillow fight, bonding time, etc. So, waiting for what! Grab your own king size mattress.

  • Ultimate luxurious look:

It will give you a hotel alike look of your bedroom with utmost comfort. Just choose the correct color pallets for your furniture and bedding. That’s it! You are good to go. Don’t just dream and go ahead.

  • Sleep sleep sleep!

Do you want to sleep like a baby? King size mattress is your endmost solution. After all it’s all about resting time please never compromise with it. Choosing the wrong size mattress will ruin your sleep.

  • Act like a wonder in health issues:

Suffering from Arthritis, joint pains or any other issues? King size mattress is one for you. Such sleepers have the tendency of restlessness. Selecting a queen size or full size mattress will ruin your partner’s sleep as well. You will have more space to move your neck, back, legs and hand without disturbing your sleeping partner.

Dimensions for the king size beds and mattresses are different in different countries.

    • UK: 180 cm x 200 cm (Super King size mattress)
    • Australia: 183 cm x 203 cm (King size mattress)
    • USA: 193cm x 203.5 cm (King size mattress)
    • New Zealand: 183 cm x 203 cm (Super King size mattress)
    • China: 182 cm x 212 cm (King size mattress)
    • Continental Europe: 180 cm x 200 cm (Super King size mattress)
    • Scandinavia: 180 cm x 200 cm (Swedish Double size mattress)
    • Thailand: 183 cm x 198 cm (King size mattress)
    • Brazil: 193 cm x 203 cm (King size mattress)
    • South Africa: 183 cm x 188 cm (King size mattress)
    • Singapore: 183 cm x 191 cm (King size mattress)
    • Japan: 170 cm x 195 cm (King size mattress)

Eastern kings size mattress is the widest among all kinds of mattresses. It is well suited in the master bedroom. 5 people can comfortably sleep in the eastern king size mattress. Forget about the squeezing feeling! When you are sleeping on this bed.

What things can a king size mattress do for you?

King sized mattress will bestow you with the largest space to sleep and provide sheer comfort.

    • It will lead to better blood flow.
    • Breathable body structure.
    • Comfy sleeping position.
    • Dream co-sleep.
    • Lustrous look.

Larger the bigger king size mattress: Texas king size mattress

There are innumerable options available in the market which are even bigger than the king size mattress though these mattresses are very expensive. These mattresses are larger than California king mattresses and smaller than gigantic Alaskan King mattresses. These beds are suitable for big master rooms. Two children can be accommodated with two adults. You need to customize bedding frames, sheets, accessories etc. I am sure you’re gonna enjoy sleeping on such a spacious mattress.

Obviously, you need to pay an extra penny for customized king size mattress but it’s worth paying! Happy bedding!

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