It’s very important for both lawyers and clients to understand a strategy, because all next steps can be planned based on it. A lawyer should see whether he understands all nuances of a case at once, whether he is able to win it, or some details still remain hidden. Moreover, a lawyer should answer the question whether he has time to take this case, whether he is ready to cooperate with this client in particular, and whether he is satisfied with his fee in general. Only then a lawyer can make a conclusion whether he is able to provide high-quality services or not.


Lawyers Types You Should Know About

Solicitors and Barristers

 There are some people who can be like an enticement for clients. They are so-called “rainmakers”. Such people are able to persuade everyone. And if they are good in jurisprudence as well, they are lucky to combine these two qualities in order to get many clients and good income.

 But it happens sometimes, that a person is not a very good lawyer. He is called a solicitor then. When a solicitor gets a client, he goes to a barrister, a lawyer who is not as eloquent as a solicitor probably, but who knows all laws and their nuances much better. It means that these two lawyers make a deal, and there is nothing surprising with that, as the main goal of advocacy is money making. So, a mutual help of lawyers will be beneficial for both of them in this case.

A Distant Lawyer

 There are some cases when a lawyer can’t show himself. For example, a judge is his worst enemy or a good friend, and everyone knows about it. So, he becomes a distant lawyer in this case: he controls everything, helps to deal with it, gives advice, but he never takes part in a case directly.

 Many reasons can be found why a lawyer doesn’t take a case: he just doesn’t want it, he finds it being not serious enough, he has no time for it, etc. Anyway, such a lawyer gets money for his help.

A Subscribed Lawyer

 This is a personal lawyer of the rich. Sometimes a rich person prefers to have more than only one lawyer: he starts a law firm, where lawyers of different specializations are gathered, and he uses their services whenever he needs.

 The opposite situation also takes place, when the most eminent lawyers work on someone. They get enough money to forget about courts and different cases of ordinary mortals.

A Private Detective

 It happens sometimes, that a lawyer should be something like an inquiry agent in order to get the information needed. For example, it is always good for a lawyer to have some friends in police to have an opportunity of asking for help. As we understand, some information is difficult to get, or it will take a very long time to get it. But what to do if you need this information immediately?

 So, a lawyer has to get some skills of a private detective in order to do his job better.

A Listener

 There are some situations when a person understands all legal components of his case perfectly . But he still has some worries, fears and doubts, and he needs to consult a lawyer to make sure he gets everything right. If you are a kind of such people, you can always find a lawyer who will be just a listener, and he will tell you whether you do everything right.

 This is a psychological level already. If you realize that you will have to work with this lawyer for a long time, you should feel yourself comfortable with this person. If it’s very important for you to have a lawyer who will apply to you as a person, not just a client, just try to find such a lawyer.

 As a rule, a lawyer always feels whether a particular client needs his psychological support or not. If a person can do without it, a lawyer refuses correctly and doesn’t accept your wish to confess.

Well, there are different people of course. And every lawyer determines how to behave with them. It’s one thing when an orphan teenager comes to a lawyer, and he really doesn’t have anyone to talk to. But if this is an adult woman who has nothing to do in life but tell the same things dozens of times, a lawyer will definitely try to avoid such conversations.

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