The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the global economy. It has made online marketers and business owners make some tweaks in their marketing strategy to reach their target audience and fulfill their needs. Social media platforms are experiencing groundbreaking records during this coronavirus pandemic in terms of user engagement and growth. At this time, when the business industry is facing a downfall and thousands of people are losing their job, more and more users have started using LinkedIn to see what the platform has in store for them.

LinkedIn now has more than 690 million users from all over the world, which has made it an excellent platform for brands to connect with their target audience and drive maximum user engagement. In fact, it is the best time to run a LinkedIn advertising campaign as many established brands like Microsoft are observing record levels of engagement across the platform.


This increased engagement has made LinkedIn a great social media platform for brands to promote their products and services. With more active users, the platform is providing incredible opportunities for brands to run effective LinkedIn advertising campaigns to get in front of their target audience and generate more revenue.

If you are thinking of creating a LinkedIn ad campaign, here are some helpful tips to make your campaign super successful and increase your chances of earning more ad revenue.

Let’s check them out.


Educate Your Audience

One of the biggest advantages of running a LinkedIn marketing campaign is that the platform allows marketers to provide valuable sales pitches to your target audience. But during this uncertain situation, people are not as responsive to your sales offer as they were used to. Marketers are advised to adapt their strategy, and rather than focusing on a sales pitch, try focusing on creating useful content that can solve your audience’s problems. Many brands have started taking initiatives such as writing informative posts, conducting webinars, and other helpful activities to support their audience during this challenging time.

These efforts might not give the instant result you are expecting, and many people will only be interested in your valuable content and not in your services or products. But don’t worry, those users will remember your brand as you helped them when they actually need it. They will take your brand as a source of authentic information, and whenever they need your services or products, they will surely consider your brand.


Choose the Right Audience

Believe it or not, targeting the right audience is one of the most important steps to make your LinkedIn ad campaign successful. Deciding who sees your ads can help you achieve the ROI you want to achieve with the campaign. Your campaign will perform better when you designate the specific and relevant audience for your ad campaign. You need to choose your audience based on location, demographics, education, job experience, and interests. Targeting the right group of people for your ads is a sensible idea to fulfill the objective of your LinkedIn campaign.


Use Different Ad Formats

Learning how to advertise on LinkedIn is the key to make your campaign a big hit. Here are some creative LinkedIn ad formats you can choose for your marketing campaign.


Sponsored InMail

Sponsored ads are the messages that are delivered in the inboxes of the LinkedIn members. These ads are an effective ad format that can increase audience engagement and drive more conversions. You can offer an exclusive discount, free onboarding, mega offer, or any other valuable and unique offer in Sponsored InMail ad format.


Video Ads

Videos ads are also an interesting way to get in touch with your audience and convey your message in a more interesting and engaging manner. If you have a team available to create video ads for your campaign, use this ad format to connect with your audience and get your message across.


Text Ads

These types of LinkedIn ads usually consist of a short headline, promotional offer, and a small image.


Convey the Right Message

When it comes to running an effective LinkedIn advertising campaign, it is important to make sure to convey the right message to your customers. Don’t promise anything in an ad copy that you can’t fulfill; otherwise, it will ruin your brand image. You can update your website copy, add a banner to your website or make other changes to your website to fulfill the promise you made in an ad copy. For instance, if you are a mobile app development company and your ad says “Get a free Mobile App Consultation”, then your website should.

Make sure you choose clear calls to action that lure people in and are compatible with your advertising objective. Using simple and easy to digest language is the key to make your CTAs really effective.


Tailor Personalized Ads

If you are wondering how to create personalized ads for a larger audience, don’t worry. You can tailor your ads based on your audience’s interests and problems. For instance, if your LinkedIn marketing campaign is all about small business owners, you can call out your target audience with direct, clear language. LinkedIn ads that address their target audience directly have a higher click-through and conversion rate than those who don’t mention their target users.


Use Images Wisely

It’s no wonder that content with beautiful visuals can perform well and drive more conversions. Similarly, using interesting visuals in LinkedIn ads is a clever trick to increase your CTR and conversion rate. Don’t use low quality or small images, it is advised to use larger visuals as it has more chances of conversions.


A/B Test Your LinkedIn Ads

With little modification and testing, you can run a successful LinkedIn marketing campaign. All you need to do is to create different versions of your LinkedIn ads and see which one performs best. For instance, you can create one ad with larger visuals and another with clear call-to-action to see which one makes a significant impact on your revenue. Keep track of your results so that you can come up with better posts that capture a wider audience and bring you more revenue.

So, here you go. With these simple and easy tips, you can run a successful LinkedIn advertising campaign that can help you drive more engagement and more revenue.

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