Automobile cleaning is not about washing the exterior body, carpets and seat covers with ordinary detergents and water. If you are doing so, you are actually damaging your luxury vehicle. In fact, professional cleaning is far more difficult, time-consuming and lengthy process than it seems to be. Auto detailing process involves not only the tidying but also comprises polishing and waxing the body and treating exteriors and interiors to restore the shine and texture of the surfaces.

Luxury Car Cleaning: How Professional Have Made It Easy & Time Efficient?

Every vehicle needs regular detailing due to continuous exposure to variable and harsh seasonal conditions. However, needs and treatments may vary for different types. When it comes to servicing luxury automobiles like BMW, customers’ expectations further exceeds. Professionals dealing luxury vehicles and offering BMW service in Dubai know all the tactics not only to meet client expectations but also make the process simple and time efficient.

Here I am sharing few tactics professionals auto detailers are following to improve efficiency level of their services while minimizing time consumption of luxury car cleaning.

Use of finest washing equipment

Professionals understand the value of time. To avoid delay due to faulty washing equipment, they keep checking gears for maintenance and repair. Especially in off seasons, they audit their equipment to work without losing customers. Instead of repairing they also add new equipment and replace outdated tools to enhance customer satisfaction level.

Use of clay bar

Despite being a traditional method of cleaning, professional religiously follow the method of using a clay bar to eliminate all the grease and haze. Vendors who neglect proper cleaning before final polishing and waxing may lose customers. If they properly use clay bar after washing, it will completely remove abrasive dirt particles from the surface. A lubricant is sprayed over the surface and softened clay bar is rubbed over the wet surface in straight lines. Clay bar treatment is time-consuming. It takes almost an hour to treat a vehicle in good condition. After that, it is washed and waxed finally.

Use of proper polishing kit

Whenever an automobile is washed, it must be polished properly. Especially for luxury pieces like BMW; polishing is essential to maintain lustrous exteriors. For best results, it should be performed with a very soft polish disc or a battery-powered tool to fill up any scratches. Slight rubbing compounds are also used throughout the step. Polishing is a delicate step, which has to be performed carefully without putting extra pressure. Extra pressure can cause swirl marks and clear coat burning. Clean the soft disk regularly to remove debris from the disc pad. Experts know not only the proper use of it but also understand detail tidying requirements of tools.

Use of suitable cleaning solutions

When it comes to cleaning the interiors of a luxury vehicle, use of particular washing solutions according to the material becomes mandatory. Pros are capable to use these products efficiently. They use shampoo only for fabric made car seats, leather cleaner with conditioner for leather seats and detergent for car pedals and protectant for the dashboard.

Endnote: These are few sure ways expert detailers are using to provide high-end BMW service in Dubai. Regularly washing and polishing protect the vehicle from harsh environmental conditions like rain, snow and wind.

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