Today, there is a large selection of roofing materials, and their number increases every year. But there are a number of materials whose quality has been proven for a decade and, therefore, its popularity does not diminish. For example, roofing putty maintains the demand for planes or with a slight inclination of the roof. But its composition is undergoing changes.

The works that are called Roofing group several professional categories. Let’s take a brief tour of the ideal toolbox of roofer prepared for all kinds of tasks.

The appearance of the roof

A cracked roof tile, a skylight frame that must be covered under the part of the roofing works. And attention, because this covers not only has an aesthetic function, above all it serves to guarantee the impermeability of the house, so do not drag this type of problems if you do not want to see yourself flooded. Install a downpipe, check the tightness of a gutter, they are missions for fans to the torch and zinc. Experts call them “Zinc” jobs. It is usually the carpenter who is occupied, unless you are an artist of the circular saw.

The roof ladder

It is the favorite tool to work safely and efficiently. Do not skimp on this investment, as it will be useful for any job you have to carry out on your roof. There are several details you should know before choosing it. The material can be wood or aluminum. You should know that wooden stairs often have a more affordable price and are suitable for occasional interventions. The length goes from 2 to more than 7 meters. Everything depends on the roof on which you are going to work.

A tip: if you already have a ladder, it is possible to add a roof hook. And remember to always put on your safety harness before starting the acrobatics in height.

The roofer anvil: very useful for redoing and cutting the slates on top of the roof. Your choice is not complicated. It can be straight or curved.

The roofer’s hammer: it will be your best friend on top of the roof. It serves to redo the slates on the anvil, make holes and mark the slates, start nails, etc. The main criterion of purchase is to know if you are left-handed or right-handed to use it.

The pliers for slate

To prove them is to make a hole for them, since they allow making perfect straight cuts of the slates. To choose wisely, you must evaluate its maximum cutting capacity, which determines the thickness of the pieces of slate that can cut more or less easily. Finally, a very useful aspect is to be able to change the punch and the blade in case of wear.