If you are reading this article, then you are clearly putting a great deal of thought into your choice of outdoor flooring. This means you are more than likely to make an informed decision that is best suited to your needs and your budget. While there are some excellent wooden, concrete, and various other options available for wide ranges of prices, tiling stands out as one of the most versatile, affordable, and low maintenance choices. Here are a few reasons as to why it is so ideal.

Why You Need Tiled Outdoor Flooring

Durability and Longevity

Both indoor and outdoor tiles are extremely hardy and resilient, especially with the correct installation procedures and proper maintenance on your part. Nowadays, the kind of outdoor tiles you can find are made to be resistant to all the different seasonal weather patterns that the exterior of your house has to endure. As hardy and durable as tile flooring might be, it is not impossible to break or crack it. Fortunately, even this is of little consequence, because repairing is a breeze. All you would need it a replacement tile, some grout, and the tools, and you could do it all yourself. Just make sure that you hang on to a few spare tiles during the installation to store in your shed for later use in such repairs.

Wide Range of Design and Texture Options

You can find tiles in just about any pattern, texture, and colour that you want. You can get different sizes and shapes as well, and get creative with your layout. You can even design your own custom tiles! What more could you want for a unique and personal touch to your outdoor areas? This is probably the most versatile aspect of tile flooring because, in a certain sense, it includes the other alternatives; you can get tiles that resemble other materials quite closely. So if you still desire that wooden look, you don’t have to get it with the real deal, which can be costly and extremely difficult to maintain and treat.

Low Maintenance

Speaking of maintenance, this is one of the most attractive features of tile flooring. Tile flooring has always been relatively easy to clean and even replace compared to other types of flooring, such as wood or composite materials. However, nowadays, the tile options you will find are generally made to be even easier to manage because they offer features like water resistance, mould resistance, and scratch resistance. If the tiles are glazed, properly installed, and sealed well, you can be pretty sure that all you need is disinfectant and water to mop up any spills or pet accidents.


Unlike most other materials, outdoor tile flooring is one of the most inexpensive and cost-effective choices around the world. The initial costs of purchase and installation are the only things you will need to worry about, as there are no maintenance costs, unlike materials like hardwood, which require regular treatment with special sealants and other products.

These are the best advantages of opting for tile, but there are many others, including improving the resale value of the house!

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