The business world has changed its modus operandi over the last few decades. Some of those changes are directly related to the transparency of the modern age. More precisely, social media and global connectivity via the Internet. Employees received a new way to voice their concerns, while employers gained access to the worldwide workforce.

One of the newest trends today is to work remotely from home. Of course, not every job has this commodity. However, those that do inspire people to create home offices and organise their time for better productivity. One of the things which can help you with that is design, and here are some ideas you could use.

Separate the office from the home

It’s a general rule to separate your home from the office. This is, in fact, a perfect way to trick your mind and teach it to look at your work from home like it’s a normal day at the office. However, if you don’t have an extra space to set up an office, then start by choosing a good location. A part of your home isolated from the other inhabitants would be perfect since you’ll need privacy.

After location comes the design. The best productivity boosters are the types of design which are different from the rest of your home. When you walk into your home office, you have to feel as though you’ve been transported to a place to perform your business. This will help you wander off and procrastinate less, keeping you right on track with the tasks at hand.

Go green

Going green is more than just a trend. It’s about the principles and beliefs which can help save the world. If you want to be a part of this ever-growing movement, consider some of the changes to your home office. And one of those is embracing more environmentally friendly design.

Instead of buying new furniture, find the used one and turn it into everything you want. You can turn it into an after work DIY project which will help you relax. Replace the incandescent lamps with LED lights since they use less energy. You can install those with interesting designs to create a unique and refreshed look. Replace stacks of papers with plants that produce oxygen. That way you will remove the clutter and plants are known to have a positive effect on people.

Improve the lighting

When it comes to lighting, there is nothing better than daylight. Long hours at the computer screen can take their toll on the eyes and cause headaches. A part of this problem is bad lighting. Coincidentally, interior designers always emphasize the importance of lighting for a space.

Besides daylight, high-quality lighting should be next on your agenda to brighten up space. Use LED lights since they last longer and come in different luminescence. Depending on your job, position the task lights so they provide enough brightness, but don’t bother you. Desk lamps are an excellent choice for those who work at the computer. Additionally, dimmer lamps will help you achieve the perfect illumination for any activity.

Keep it professional

Never underestimate your office space, so keep it professional looking at all times. Create your business slogans and print them out. Use display systems to install them in plain sight. They will remind you what you stand for when you feel tired or stressed out. Also, they are a nice design touch and can leave a good impression on the clients.

If you have a separate room, hang working hours on the doors and hang a board so your family can leave you messages. This is a fun way to communicate and will keep everyone respecting each other’s time and space. If you work with clients, add extra chairs for meetings. Instead of curtains, opt for blinds. They will keep the space open and remove the hominess curtains add to the place.

Have fun

More companies are embracing the policy of providing a recreational area for their employees. This is a practice proven to boost productivity and keep the employees motivated. Even though you work from home, you can have your recreational area.

Buy a mini golf kit and play when you feel too stressed out. Hang a dartboard on the inside of the closet door so it’s out of sight to avoid distractions. If space permits it, you can have a separate room to unwind. A pool table may be a bit of a cliché, but it’s fun and will clear your mind. Whatever you choose for this purpose should be well fitted into space and should not diminish the professional décor you’ve created.


Make sure that all members of your household know that the home office is off limits. Children’s toys, personal use of the computer or sitting at your desk can lessen the professionalism of the space. And finally, treat your office at home as though you commute to work. This means you should dress for work and get up early. Remember, the early bird gets the worm.

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