Apple in its App Store has a robust kids section full of valuable learning apps. Similarly, you can find thousands of apps in the Google Play store that offer great educational value for learners of various ages.

Besides seeing cartoons, playing mobile games and enjoying videos, kids can also make use of the phone to learn something. There is a whole new range of educational apps available for iPhone and Android that can nurture the mind of kids and help guardians attain peace of mind over their device use.

1. Kindle

Kindle is the reading app offering the richest resource of books, magazines and journals for all niches, specialties and ages. School kids can find the majority of their favorite books for free and only a few against a onetime price.

  • You have all your Kindle books in one place for reading at any time you prefer.
  • Read any kindle book you have downloaded offline and while online browse among millions of Kindle books.
  • Kindle is available both on iOS devices like iPhone and iPad and all Android and Windows devices.

2. Talking Kids Math and Numbers

To make your little kid learn the numbers and calculation there is not a better app than this. Available for free on Android, this is a good app for kids below the age of 8.

  • The app is very easy to use and perfect for small kids.
  • It allows learning numbers and simple math in a fun way.
  • The app also comes with TV mode, 3D graphics mode, animations, and voice interaction modes to make learning a fun activity across the devices.

3. Endless Numbers

Endless Numbers is the game app that can teach young kids how counting numbers from one to one hundred. Each specific comes with three distinct parts of learning.

  • Apart from making kids learn numbers it also helps in building cognitive ability and aptitude.
  • The problem solving with the app animation make math learning fun activity.
  • The game play involved within the app make learning intuitive and repetitive and helps kids remember better.

4. Busuu

Busuu is a great language learning app available both on iPhone and Android. With millions of users using the app, it is one of the most popular education apps till date across any platform.

  • Busuu is an intuitive language learning app helping you read, write, and speak in 11 of the popular world languages.
  • The app has a robust user community exceeding 45+ million users now.
  • The learning techniques offered by Busuu are more intuitive and impactful than so-called language learning books.

5. YouTube Kids

YouTube besides being a popular video sharing platform is also often recommended by learners and educators for a rich treasure of educational content. This app precisely draws out the kid-friendly educational content and delivers through an app.

  • YouTube Kids is devoid of the entire adult and so called inappropriate videos and only features videos with learning contents for kids.
  • It offers a simplified interface friendly to kids and young learners.
  • The automated suggestions offered by the app when you search are also optimized for kids. For instance, when you type “why is” the app automatically comes with the suggestion “Why Is the Sky Blue”.

When your kids use your smartphone or tablet for learning purposes you should be delighted because already mobile based learning is about to play a crucial role in the learning process.

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