We talk and read about the ultimate wish of every website owner or any business online and all they want is a huge amount of traffic on the website, that too unexpectedly, and it is like a dream come true for any webmaster. Yet, we all know this won’t happen unless we put the right amount of smart efforts.

Most of the webmasters have this myth in mind that writing good content will automatically increase site traffic that they desire. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen, to an extent, it works by getting you some traffic but when you talk about the desired traffic of 130% or 200%, only writing good content won’t help completely. Writing good content is one part of the multi-part process which comes into play when we talk about achieving a tremendous amount of traffic.

The 4 Step Process To Gaining The Desired Website TrafficHere are few things that you need to do to get that huge surprising site traffic:

I hope all of us agree on the need for web traffic for any business, and we all know that traffic is the common problem that every webmaster faces. Also, even having huge traffic won’t matter unless they convert into leads. Conversion at the end is what matters the most.

So, here are the steps:

1.Find Influential People to from your Niche:

Influential people can be like your golden goose if you can really find them. According to a communication theory which most ad films or media channels use these days, to introduce your message or product by some influential person will get you better results than any other things. They have huge fan following who follow their every action and getting your content shared by them can get you the traffic. And we are talking about huge traffic that exceeds your average traffic.

2.Find Out Topics that they Care About:

When you know who are the influencers in your niche, it’s time to find what they like to read and share because that’s probably what will solve your problems. The influencers have a responsibility to share the best that they can find to help people and they are always looking for it. Hence, your job is to find what they care about and catch the eye. If they like what you want them to read, they will definitely be your Santa Claus.    

3.Write an Appealing Content:

Influencers are the people who believe in their word of mouth. They believe in sharing what they feel is the best for their readers and you can’t simply win them by absolutely anything. Their content is long 2000-3000 words and shares deep insights of any particular topic. And your job is to craft a content from the ideas you got in the first step that catches the attention of the influencers. Something that they can’t resist because mostly the content that provides value to the reader is shared.

4.Add the Share Triggers:

Adding share trigger accounts for a large portion of the success story for a content. Share triggers are the emotional connection that will connect you to your reader’s mind and get your content shared for maximum times on social media.  

Here the share triggers will accomplish two tasks: firstly add the ‘WOW’ factor and secondly encourage your reader to share the link and content, amounting in traffic.

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