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5 Signs You Need to Remodel Your Master Bathroom

People love home design projects as they get the chance to make the most out of their living space, but more often than not, a bathroom remains neglected. And when it comes to your master bathroom, you’re probably aware just how important it actually is to feel calm and relaxed during your alone time. Therefore, if you notice some of the following signs upon entering your bathroom, it means that your space is in desperate need of remodeling.

1. Does it feel cold and distant?

If you simply can’t enjoy your time in the bathroom because it feels too empty, cold and devoid of all personality, it means that you haven’t used all the space you have to its fullest. Every personal space deserves a creative and personal touch, and your bathroom isn’t an exception. This is especially true if you’re not bothered only by the emptiness of your bathroom but plain, overly cool color scheme as well

The best thing you can do is to introduce some bathroom accessories , such as designer candle holders and tissue boxes. Also, use some of your bath products in decorative purposes and feel free to hang pictures on the walls. You can use new tiles, wallpaper or paint to spice up your color scheme, or you can play with colorful details such as window and shower curtains, towels and mats.




2. Does it feel cluttered and pressuring?

Clutter is undoubtedly another cause of bathroom-induced stress. While having some nice products and accessories here and there can be very rewarding, too much of these details can make a mess. If you want to keep this space beautiful yet minimalistic, it’s time for a thorough cleanup.

Go through everything you have and get rid of all the products that you simply don’t use. In order to create a true minimalist paradise, it’s important to consider various storage options. There are plenty of DIY storage ideas online. Those who value the minimalistic approach in their daily lives will benefit a lot from monochromatic designs with some pops of color.


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3. Does it feel too plain?

Not everyone enjoys plain, monochromatic style in interior design. If your bathroom doesn’t reflect your personality, it’s time to change it. Basically, if you feel like you need more color and details to match your taste perfectly, make it happen.

Bathrooms that have bold color schemes, geometric patterns, metallic overspray for utilities, and similar, make for modern bathroom designs that are very popular these days. You can achieve this look with vinyl wallpapers, statement mirrors and color-blocking. What’s more, you can get your own waterproof metallic sprays and spruce up the look of your utilities on your own.




4. Does it feel mismatched in style?

The rest of your home is designed in a specific style, but your bathroom simply stands out and this bothers you a lot? By all means, introduce that style to your master bathroom as well.

This step is especially important for homeowners that love more creative and even unusual interior designs such as medieval, vintage, street art-inspired, etc. You may need to consult and hire professional services in order to achieve such a specific look, but it will be worth it for your own peace of mind as it will unify your entire home.




5. Does it make you feel troublesome and annoyed?

If you get really irritated every time you step into your master bathroom because the ventilation is not good, the fan isn’t working, the faucet is leaking, or the drains get clogged all the time, you better believe that your bathroom is in need for some emergency remodeling.

Not everything is about looks. In the end, it’s easy to create different styles when everything else is in great working order. But if it’s not, your priority should be to fix everything that needs to be fixed before you proceed to the next step. Make sure to call professional plumbers in order to finish this tedious process as quickly and efficiently as possible.


With all that’s been said, take another look at your master bathroom, but this time pay more attention. Focus on all bothersome things that first come to mind as you look at it. These will definitely be clear signs that your bathroom needs remodeling and will point you in the right direction.

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