Noah is one of the many of the Car Covers available.  Car Covers have created this three-layered car cover intended to protect the car against nature’s harsh weather, much as Noah’s ark did to all the animals and insects.  The environment has all sorts of potential hazards floating around waiting for the first opportunity to attack and ruin cars.  Rain, sleet, snow, sun, dew, dropping and tree sap all harm the exterior paintwork and finish of cars, more than people actually realize.  Before long, the car looks a shadow of what it looked when bought.  The exterior becomes chipped and scratched, faded and stained, rusty and ruined, all in all, a despicable sight.

Kimberley-Clark has managed to produce bi-component fibers, by closely sheathing assorted materials.  The outer layer is soft because of the polypropylene, but at the same time, weather and UV rays resistant.  The middle layer uses a micro-porous breathable film which allows the material to be wondrous in protecting the car, whilst simultaneously enabling moist and condensation to escape out, away from the car’s face. Lastly, the inner layer combines both polypropylene and a sturdy nylon core. By Car Covers combining all three amazing layers, the result is that the cover is strong enough to protect the car from knocks and scratches, resists rips and tears, whilst, all the more being soft to defend sensitive paintwork. The ford car covers can be hand-washed and are compact and lightweight for easier use and transportation.  The cover can sit very neatly in the boot of the car until ready for use.  Even if it is folded and stored away whilst still wet, the cover will not decay, or begin to grow mildew.

Car Covers come custom made for a wide selection of car makes and models.  The covers fit the contours of the car precisely maximizing the protection it offers.  The cover is closely fitted against the skin of the car and will refuse entry to any form of dirt and dust.  Custom car covers come with special mirror pockets and an aerial pocket where applicable.  This way, the car will always look smart and chic; when driving because it’s been maintained so well, and when covered because it fits so nicely.  In addition, it acts as a safety precaution to all those unwanted, snooping individuals from peering into the car. Since Car Covers have elastic at the front and the rear of the car, it makes it so much easy when pulling the cover or off the car.  The stretch is there, but will not compromise on maintaining a sealed car cover.

How to Clean Your Car Cover

Now that you have bought a car cover to protect your car from hazards such as bird droppings, scratches, pollen, fruits and nuts, and other elements, it is best to also know how to take care of your car cover. A car cover is made of various materials and can come in many weights, colours, and fabrics. This article will attempt to instruct you on how to generally clean your car cover. After all, everyone needs advice how to get rid of the toughest stains or to simply get the dirt off. If you do not clean your cover, it could actually do some damaging work on your car especially if it loses its ability to do certain functions such as repel water just because there was too much dirt on it. You do not need to take your car cover to the laundry mat because you can clean it at home. Take note of the following home remedy for your car. To clean your car at home, you will just need a mild detergent, water, a bucket, sponge, and a house. You can place your cover right on your car.

The first thing you need to do is fill your bucket with water and add detergent. Take note that your detergent should be mild and should not include bleach. Next, take your hose and spray the cover in order to get rid of any dirt that could be easily washed away. Then use your sponge to put the solution on the cover. Once that is accomplished, you can get rid of the grime and dirt by rinsing it with a hose. Take note that you have to make sure you get rid of the excess soap because it could work against you in the long run. The properties that help it be water resistant could get affected with soap that has not been washed off. Once the top side is finished, you can turn it inside out in order to do the bottom part.

We cannot run away from bird droppings and if you park your car anywhere near trees you might also come face to face with sap sticking on your cover. To get rid of bird droppings, you can immediately use a natural remedy such as vinegar or buy a stain remover. Then you can put some soap on it and scrub it with water. Sap on the other hand may need alcohol. Put the alcohol on it and scrape it off. Lastly, you may want to take note of the following advice to care for your car cover:


Do not put in the dry cleaners.

Do not use a fabric softener. This might affect its ability to be water resistant. Take careful note of the fabric of your cover. For example, cotton covers may do well in a dryer but other covers like a water resistant will not be able stand the heat. Make sure that you read the instructions before you decide to put anything in the wash or dryer.

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