The iPhone 6S is nearly round the corner but iPhone 6 users still have a lot to learn about the smartphone which packs quite a few tricks and shortcuts up its sleeve. The phone has quite some hacks which helps save time and helps you get things done faster and if you’re an iPhone 6 user you should absolutely know these hacks. You can also find great deals on iPhone 6 models using ebay coupons to get it at a great price.

Amazing Hidden Tricks Every iPhone 6 User Should Know!

Here are the hidden tricks that you should absolutely get well versed with as they will go a long way to help you increase efficiency:

Replying to Texts

Many a time you check your notification screen and realize you have messages left for you. You no longer have to unlock the phone to reply to them. You can do that directly from the home screen by giving the notification a quick swipe to the left and you’ll be given the option to reply. Press that and you’re directed to the screen to reply to the text message.

Replying to Texts on the Go

Sometimes you’re busy on your phone using an app or performing some task when you get a notification of a new text on the top of the phone.  Just swipe the notification a little below and once again you can reply to it there and then without having to exit the app and go to the messages.

Better Power Manage

Many a time you leave your phone with full charge and through the day you realize almost 50% of the battery has been drained. You can go into General Settings and go under the option Usage to see which particular app is sucking most power and you can close it in case you do not have any use for it to better manage the power and extend the life of your phone.

Send Videos and Audios that Self Destruct

Apple’s iMessage has added a new feature that allows you to send out videos and audio messages that can be set with a timer to self destruct itself and remove themselves from the phone of the person you send the message to. This comes as quite a relief especially if you end up sending messages to the wrong person.

Share your Location

You can easily give access to your current location to iMessages and let it share it with your friends and family. This is a great hack for those who’re telling the truth about where they are and their friends won’t believe them. You can similarly also track your friends locations and activities and whereabouts so that you what they’re up to. You can easily grab your hands on iPhone models through shopclues coupons and get great deals and discounts to get hold of these amazing features.

Accessibility Control

This is a great feature that helps you control the accessibility of various apps especially if your kids or younger folk take away your phone to play with it. In Settings, you can enable the “Guided Access” feature so you don’t have to worry about losing important data or having to fear confidential data falling in the wrong hands.

Without Hands Siri

For those of you who access Siri through the Home Button, you can now access it simply through voice. For this you need to plug in your phone (it needs to be charging) and go to Settings to enable the feature “Hey Siri”. Now you can easily open Siri with the command “Hey Siri” and not require your fingers anymore.

These features on the iPhone 6 make it quite impressive and something all users should know. It helps you do so much more with an already powerful device. More power to you Apple!