Nowadays, health insurance, or medical insurance, is a hospitalization as well as surgical plan that covers a person against medical expenses, which normally include in-patient and outpatient. A good health insurance is critically important to the overall protection plan, especially in Philippines. Moreover, people living in Philippines should know, the medical cost here is one of the highest in Asia. A major and unexpected medical bill can be a catastrophic as it could potentially wipe out the entire saving, if people are not properly covered. For this reasons, when it comes to planning a solid financial portfolio, a good place to start is health insurance/medical insurance with the help of axa health insurance.
Hence, some points in respect of 5 benefits of axa health insurance policy are discussed below:

  1. A good health insurance should provide good coverage for surgical fees, room, board, and other medical-related expenses, consultation and diagnostic. As well, as follow up treatment and others outpatient coverage like cancer treatment and kidney dialysis.
  2. However, med shield is a basic illness insurance scheme, which provides a very basic coverage. As the medical cost inflated over the last couple of years, the coverage provided by med shield might not be enough.
  3. In order to counter the high medical cost, Ministry of Health of Singapore has appointed five insurance companies to offer people and PR a much better medical insurance, generally known as Shield Plan. Moreover, people can use their medicate account to pay for the premium of these Shield Plans, so that they can enjoy a much better and comprehensive coverage for hospitalization and surgical needs. As a result, they would have a good and comprehensive health insurance with the help of health insurance Philippines, which does not even use their cash, as they can pay through, medicate account. A major and unexpected medical bill can be a catastrophic as it could potentially wipe out the entire saving, if people are not properly covered
  4. On the other hand, for foreigner as well as expatriate, there is also a wide range of health insurances available to suit their needs and budget. Most of the Companies have their unique medical and health insurance policy, each with their strength and benefits for their clients.
  5. Here comes the important question, since there are so many health/medical insurance in the market, how do people know which health/medical insurance is the most suitable for them. First, always do the homework and educate yourself on this area. For these reasons, people should know what are the features and benefits that they as well as their family members require. Apart from this, features and benefits, people must also do a comparison to see what are the differences between all those health insurance that available in the market to get the most of the benefits.

At the end, people can speak to a competent financial planner about the needs and seek advice from them. Furthermore, cheap health insurance is the immediate requirement for a good financial planning, and people should always make always sure that they have a good one in place so that they and their family are properly covered.

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