Whether you are unemployed, a recent graduate, or looking to change careers, the job search shouldn’t be taken lightly. Job-seekers are competing for ever diminishing opportunities, with everyone from entry level graduates to mid-level professionals seeking a change of career in a tough financial climate. The outlook may seem bleak, but the fundamental rules of the game have not changed. Hard work, perseverance and driving ambition will still serve as a source of strength through applications, interviews and rejections. There are, however, other tools that can put you ahead of the curve. In addition to having an organized CV and a detailed cover letter, using job-hunting apps on your smartphone can help you triumph over the competition. This article will look at some of the best job-hunting apps to find the position that matches your level of experience and excites your interests.


Perhaps one of the most well-known and respected professional networking site, LinkedIn allows you to promote your CV or resume online, connect with professionals in your area of interest, and even apply to jobs through an online platform. In addition to promoting your professional and academic history, you can ask people to recommend certain skills and competencies you have, from foreign languages to research skills. The LinkedIn app is available on BlackBerry, Android and Apple products, such as the BlackBerry Bold 3 mobile phone and the iPhone 5.

Pocket Resume

Pocket Resume, available on iOS, BlackBerry OS and Android, makes your resume mobile and available at the touch of a button. While you may have printed out extra copies of your resume, you are unlikely to carry them around with you on all occasions. What’s to happen, then, when you run into an ex-colleague or a family friend who mentions an opening at their firm or a contact you should call? Creating, editing and emailing your resume is made easier with Pocket Resume, as you can change layout, font and color and then email a PDF of your resume from your smartphone in no time.

Real-Time Jobs

This app from TwitterJobSearch, and available on iOS products, streamlines the job hunt by allowing users to apply for positions posted on Twitter. As more than 1,000 jobs are posted every hour, this fast-paced job search is for those tech-savvy searchers who can stay on top of the twitter-sphere.  This app allows users to pitch themselves in a Tweet, upload a resume, and direct the employer to their social media profile.

Interview Practice

So, you’ve been asked to come in for an interview. Well done! This is your opportunity to show off your intelligence, competency for the job, and ability to stay cool under pressure. How you carry and express yourself in an interview should leave the employer confident about your abilities, eloquence and adaptability to a new office. This is no easy task, but the Interview Practice app can help you prepare. This app for BlackBerry phones contains 85 frequently asked interview questions and answers, as well as the Do’s and Don’t’s of interviewing. As this app is free to download, there is no excuse for poor interview preparation!

The benefits of a smartphone in the midst of a job search are numerous, as these apps begin to reveal. Just as experience, skills and personality are important assets for a successful job-search, mobile technology can serve as an important tool for success. From formatting your CV to transforming contacts into opportunities on LinkedIn, it may be time to take a look at Android or  BlackBerry prices in order to add a smartphone to your arsenal in pursuit of a new position.  Once you have searched around for the best Android, iPhone or BlackBerry price, consider how this purchase can introduce you to a new realm of job-search preparation. As an on-the-go motivator, coach and recruiter, your smartphone can help you navigate the job-hunting waters. If you already have a smartphone, consider employing some of these apps to help you reach your goals of securing an exciting new opportunity.

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