BMX Pro Style is a decent BMX-style game to play if you find yourself with too much free time. While the game is still less intense than others in the same niche, it does provide players with two scenes to choose from, including one that resembles a typical skate park while the other is more of an urban environment that even features a set of stairs to ride your bike down. The objective of the game is to rack up as many points as possible, which are collected in the form of stars and earned through performing various tricks, without crashing your bike; one crash and you lose.


In BMX Pro Style, players use their arrow keys to control their direction. Use the Up Arrow key to move forward, the Down Arrow key to move backwards, the Left Arrow key to lean back, and the Right Arrow key to lean forward. The Q, W, and E keys can all be used to perform difficult tricks while the A, S, and D keys can be used to perform easy tricks. The Z key is used for your rear brakes and  the X key is used for your front brakes.

The Trick Keys Are Used To Perform The Following Tricks:

  • Q: Superman trick.
  • W: Causes your character to put his entire body over the handle bars and touch the front tire with his feet.
  • E: Rotates the bike while in midair or on the ground.
  • A: Changes direction while in midair.
  • S. Tilts the bike at an angle.
  • D: Causes your character to touch his helmet with one hand.

Difficulty Level:

The game is moderately challenging. With a variety of obstacles and the need to grab stars in order to collect more points, a single crash forces you to restart the game. While this factor can be extremely annoying, it makes the game more interesting. Since the game features two scenes to choose from, players may be better suited for one scene or the other.


BMX Pro Style is a pretty impressive game starting out by allowing you to input a name for your character, switch between 7 types of helmets, 7 shirts, 4 tires, and 5 shoes. You then have the option of choosing between two separate scenes, which include a skate park and an urban street, both of which are filled with various obstacles. While you earn points by performing tricks and collecting stars, the game is frustrating in the fact that you have to restart the game if you crash at all. This game also lacks the bloody gore that can be seen in similar BMX-style games and the bike doesn’t move very fast. While BMX Pro Style is a tad bit more advanced than some games in its category, it could still be improved on in a lot of ways. This game is recommended for anyone who wants a mildly entertaining game to play, but not for anyone looking for some hardcore BMX action.

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