Your garage is one of the top things you should be ensuring is secure, due to the fact that it is adjacent to your home and also stores a great number of valuable items.

Generally, a garage stores your car, power tools and other expensive equipment and valuables that normally should be kept safe but separate from the house. Garages can also be a vulnerable area for a break-in into the home, thus should always be properly secured and locked with an alarm system installed preferably.

Because garages serve as a primary entry and exit way into a house, they are also more dangerous and targeted because they are less visible ways to enter the house than then a door or a window.

Car Safety: Why You Should Lock Your Garage

While we like to think we live in safe neighbourhoods, there is always a risk of opportunity from criminals unable to avoid the temptation of an unsecured garage in a nice neighbourhood. To make sure your garage is safe against attempted break-ins, ensure these tips are followed:

  • Always keep the doors and windows closed and locked – Don’t ever go to bed without making sure everything in your garage is locked down, or you could wake up to an intruder in your home.

  • Keep the lights on – A darkened garage that is easy to break into is the perfect invitation to be robbed. A brightly lit garage will make robbers uneasy and will also add nighttime beauty to your home. If you find that this option would be too expensive, a good alternative would be to install a motion-sensor light that will turn on, should anyone get too close.

  • Install a secure garage door – You should have a protective, strong garage door built with high quality materials even if you live in a safe neighbourhood. Steel is your best bet for protecting your valuables.

  • Cover windows – Installing curtains or some sort of cover over the windows will prevent anyone from looking in and seeing your valuables. Use something sheer so that light can pass through.

  • Alarm system – A simple motion detector or door sensor can be an inexpensive and effective way to deter would-be thieves. You can install one with an audible alarm or a silent one, depending on your needs.

  • Keep the keys on you – Never let your garage keys out of your sight, especially when you’re away from home. If your keys were stolen from your car a thief can enter your garage if they know your address,

  • Never share your code – If your garage installation includes an alarm system keypad, make sure you change your code often and never share it with anyone – even neighbours. When using the keypad, ensure no one can see the numbers you press, but if you have to share the code for an emergency or other reason – make sure it’s someone you trust.

  • Hide your remote – Don’t leave your remote garage door opener in a visible place such as clipped to your sun visor. If someone breaks into your car and finds your address, they would have total access to your garage and home.

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