Chargers for iPhones are like caffeine for people. They keep people communicating and connected to one another. They provide the fuel to keep us bonded with each other, whether it is for work or for socialisation.

That is why you can almost feel debilitated, for instance, if you leave your USB charger in your hotel room far away. If this has happened to you, you no doubt bought another charger in the interim. However, the process can be frustrating, especially if you pick up a cheap charger and find out that it is now taking 12 hours to charge your phone.

Chargers Keep Communications Ongoing

Not All Chargers Are the Same

As is indicated by the above example, not all chargers are created equal. Even if they look alike, they don’t necessarily function in the same way. Their components are different. That is why it is important to find a charger that is designed for your specific electronic device.

How Charging Power is Determined

Charging power is based on three elements:  power, which is measured in watts; current, which is measured in either amps or milliamps; and voltage, which is indicated by volts. The amount of power you use is determined by the math calculation of P = IV. In other words, the power that is used represents the current multiplied by the voltage. Because larger devices, such as tablets, have significantly larger batteries than smartphones, chargers designed for tablets must deliver energy at a higher current, or higher rate.

However, when you are buying an iPhone 5 charger, you will find that many models today will meet your expectations in charging capacity. They can equal the quickness that is often associated with chargers used for tablets. To make sure you make the right decision for a charger, select one that is made especially for your particular device or electronic.

Buy the Right Charger

Naturally, if you lose a charger and must make a temporary selection, you don’t always have this kind of latitude. However, when you are making a conscientious decision, spend the extra money and get the right charger for your smartphone or tablet.

Without the use of a charger, you really do not have a tablet or a phone at your disposal. Therefore, spending the extra money for the right charger can be a boon to your capacity to communicate and collaborate with people, whether at work or at home with your family.

If you use more than one smartphone in your household, make sure everyone is equipped with the right charger. As the charger is the power that fuels your communications network, you need to make sure everyone has the ability to keep their smartphones or mobiles operational.

Ultimately, it is the amperage that decides how fast a charger will power your mobile or smartphone device. If you want quicker or lightning-fast charging, look for a car charger or wall charger that can deliver at least 2,100 mA of current at a voltage of 5 volts, or whatever spec your device receives.