Beirut has been growing rapidly over the years and with that demand for office space which is required to host all the companies that would like to invest in Beirut and Lebanon in general. Even though this market has stabilised since 2015 there is still a need for expansion. Mohamed Hamdoun the owner of Archistyle & Design who graduated from AUB University as an architect is well versed with the requirements for commercial space in Beirut.

It is not only the way the offices are designed but the way that they need to be environmentally friendly. Like the M1 building which comprises of three interlinked office buildings which Mohamed Hamdoun consulted on. It was one of the first buildings that received that LEED Platinum certificate in Beirut.



The building is designed to save valuable resources such as water through recycling and saving energy using high energy saving lighting systems. All these features are imperative in modern offices for sustainability and Archistyle & Design has all the resources to ensure that these type of buildings will be completed successfully right from the planning stage. They have a well-established team of professionals who are able to oversee the development of the building every step of the way under the expert guidance of Mohamed Hamdoun.


The interior design of office buildings is just as important as the exterior especially when environmental issues are concerned. Mohamed Hamdoun and team has shown that they have the ability to incorporate both these aspects to create a practical and energy efficient office space. Lighting in modern offices is one of the most important features and Archistyle & Design have the expertise to know how best to design the building so that the relevant lighting is utilised efficiently.




Maintaining high-quality staff in this modern age requires office buildings to have other facilities such as gyms, cafes and garden spaces. Mohamed Hamdoun has the knowledge how to incorporate all these with the new concept such as the BDD HUB. Here it incorporates gardens, hotels, shops and office space so that the people can enjoy doing business efficiently.


With some 30 odd office buildings being built in the Beirut Municipality area and especially the Ain Mresiseh neighbourhood having a locally based architectural company such as Archistyle & Design is a great advantage. Mohamed Hamdoun who also has interests in America can speak both English and Arabic and a wealth of experience to negotiate effectively with the local authorities.


Archistyle & Design have been involved with plenty of office building projects in and around Beirut such as the ones that are being built in Ain Mresisah. Knowing the needs of both locals and foreigners he is able to design office space that will have the necessary facilities making the building more marketable.


Beirut being one of the fastest growing cities in the Middle East will require office space for some years to come and Mohamed Hamdoun has the knowledge which location would be best suited for you to get the best return on your investment.

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