This American alternative, indie, and indie pop rock band was formed in BellinghamWashington 1997. The band includes BenGibbard on vocals and guitar plus piano, Nick Harmer on bass, and JasonMcGerr on drums. The founding guitarist and producer ChrisWalla left the band after their 8th studio album Kintsugi. They are famous for using unconventional instrumentation, as well as Gibbard’s unique lyrical style and unique voice.

Gibbard named the band from the song Death Cab for Cutie written by VivianStanshall and NeilInnes. The song was originally played by the group Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. Listen to the words and music in the Beatles film Magical Mystery Tour by Bonzo. The song’s name comes from a fictional pulp fiction crime magazine, The Uses of Literacy written by RichardHoggard in a 1957 study of working class culture.

Death Cab For Cutie

With the departure of ChrisWalla, the trio (as Death Cab for Cutie is now) is moving into new territory. Its eighth studio album Kintsugi came out on March 31, 2015. Walla played guitar on this album, but he did not produce it. Now the band has RichCostley known for his work with Muse, as a producer. The band is a founding member smaller, and the nearly two-decades of history is changing.

Kintsugi comes after a four-year lull, and the band experienced both growing pains and personal heartache. The name “Kintsugi” comes from a Japanese art form where broken ceramics are reassembled with gold. The name is symbolic of Gibbard’s somewhat childlike voice and the bands own suffering contemplation.

Kintsugi starts out with a lively tunes Black Sun and The Ghosts of Beverly Drive. Music fills the album that is written from a “real place.” Ben writes music for the band that has a filmmaking quality that is really a journal of his life and the life of the band.

The band is always adding new material and growing as a group. They started Kintsugi with ChrisWalla at the helm of producing and playing, and now he is gone. There is no animosity or bad feelings, just change. The band is committed to its performing schedule and will move forward and make music. Just because ChrisWalla left the band, they are not going to let this hurt their goals and dreams. They have a new producer, and some different backup musicians and music is what DCFC does best.

The band is unique, colorful, and the music lights the soul. It is also going on tour! Catch Death Cab for Cutie as they tour the West Coast (Oregon) beginning on July 8 inTroutdale, Oregon and move to the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, California on the 11th of July. An exciting event will take place July 12 at the Hollywood Bowl when Death Cab for Cutie makes their appearance in LA, after which they move on the to the East Coast.

Death Cab for Cutie is a rising-start on the alternative scene. At TicketATM you’ll find exclusive deals on tickets to their “must see” concert events. Catch them on the LeftCoast until July 15, or wait until they swing over to the Eastside performing in Boston Sept 11.

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