Garden Genie Gloves is an infringement of copyrighted property ( Honey Badger Garden Gloves ) perpetuated by serial offenders Jeff & Nick Kourani, owners of Tekno Products Inc. in Jew Jersey. Owned and operated by the father and son team of Nick and Jeff Kourani ( Americanized names ) who has been sued several times in court by developers of the original products that they copied and sold. This case is typical of these scoundrels.  Finally their past is catching up with them.

Defendant Tekno Products, Inc. is a New Jersey corporation, with its principal place of business at 301 Route 17 North, Suite 800, Rutherford, New Jersey 07070

Here are just a couple of examples of the verifiable court cases.

Sued by Clingo in Washington District Court – Judgment-. 

Being sued by Sigma Enterprises LLC in District Court. Filed 10-6-15

–          Currently there are two court cases against Tekno products

–          Currently being pursued for Trademark infringement for infringing on ‘Garden Genie’ name.


As you can see from the court documents, Judge Thomas S. Zilly ruled in the favor of the plaintiffs for a reason, These guys are scoundrels.

Tekno Products Inc is typical of the infringers & repeat offenders of today because they prey on the defenseless innovators and start-up companies that have the potential to grow, improve and change an industry with their effort, dedication and understanding of a product and/or market segment regardless of market sector.

They don’t’ think about the best possible product. Instead they just focus on profits from the blood sweat & tears from whoever they can rob. Just ‘cause they can.

The result – The parties who do all the innovative development and R & D work are left without the possibility of expansion and suffer great losses in sales and time invested. Further, the copycats don’t have the mindset of making a good product. They only focus on hijacking the potential of a new product in its growth phase after the true innovators have invested heavily as they can afford with everything they have /had. Buying from these fraudulent companies supports the crime and undermines the innovative spirit that this great country was built on.

Public Notice is a very important step in these types of cases especially in the digital age because it’s one sure way to inform the public with verifiable facts and give the true product developers a chance for success in the digital retail landscape.

If left to the prohibitively expensive court system, the plaintiffs are not generally able to defend their respective intellectual property and even if they do, it’s virtually impossible to win even if there is a judgment in the plaintiff’s favor which may take years. By then the scoundrels would have made all the money they could and they view the fine as the cost of doing business. As for the Innovators… Hung out to dry –

It’s a matter of principle regardless of the product. Imagine Steve Jobs, Nikola Tesla, Carl Benz or your favorite innovators having the breath of creativity snuffed out of them.

This kind of callus disregard for product developers, innovators and start-up companies makes it very difficult for them to create any product and bring it to the public & mainstream markets ( Us ) .  The Lack of good ethics and greed is running rampant in todays marketing channels and I think it’s really up to us the public to take note and put our money where our collective mouth is.

How do I do it? – I choose to buy the better product from the ORIGINAL innovators. In this case HoneyBadgerGloves also found on Amazon.

Ruth Weatherby

Author / Blogger / Garden Writer

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