If you are into the war with bulges, then chances are that you have tried all kind of diet programs like low cal and low carb diet. But do these low cal and low carb diet really work…we can say, in a short they do, in longer term, it might work, but its best to avoid them for longer periods. All fad diets have some ill-effects on body and mind. The initial results of any diet program will be dramatic if followed strictly, yet all of us know it’s hard to keep up with a fad diet and at some point our body starts rebelling.

Low-Calorie Diet: How Good It Is

If the low-calorie diets really worked, the whole country would have consisted of people of size zero. But it’s not so. The reason is, when you get a product which has low calorie, they might have removed the fat which adds calories but added extra carbs, salt, sugar or any equally harmful ingredient into it. The body requires calories to carry on a day to day functions. If your intake of calories is low, your body will go into survival mode. You will feel fatigued, won’t like to exercise and feel hungry or craving sweets all the time.

Low Carb Diet: The Correct Way To Do It

When you cut down carbohydrates totally from your diet…you are said to be on a low carb diet. In the starting, you might get fabulous results, lose 10 pounds and a few inches, but in a longer run it’s difficult to sustain. It’s also not a healthy way to reduce weight as you start using the carbs stored in your muscles and you also lose the water stored with it. After sometime, you might feel tired, restless, slowness of thought process and overall weakness.

If you are desperate to reduce your weight in a short time, you might think of doing the low carb diet and achieve your goal. But once you’ve done it, it’s good to plan a balanced meal program where you get all the nutrition required by your body and avoid foods that are not good for you in any way.

The better approach to make low calorie and low carb diet really work for you is to cut down on things actually bad for you: processed food, sugar, salt, refined food items, fried dishes etc. You should include vegetables, fruits, grains, salad with non-creamy seasoning, and all those things which are high in fiber content. This way, choosing a sensible diet plan, you can control your hunger pangs and become more mindful about what you eat, at the same time lose weight in a healthy way.

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