The new year is on its way, and that means it’s time to make some resolutions. It’s going to be a new year and a new you, but before that clock strikes midnight, the old you is going to throw one seriously cool New Year’s Eve party.

The end of one year and the beginning of another is a great time to take stock of one’s life and appreciate one’s relationships, and bringing friends and family into your home to count down the seconds to the new year is a great way to do that. Here are the best tips for throwing a New Year’s party that’s fun, memorable, classy, and — above all — safe.

Start planning early

Since New Year’s Eve is a great time to throw a party, many other people are thinking the same thing that you are! If you’re going to get your friends and family to attend your party, you’re going to have to plan it out early and get invitations in their hands before the competition does.

No problem: planning early is something that you should be doing anyway. Planning out your party well ahead of time will give you plenty of time to finish all of the chores and errands that you’ll need to get done before the big night. And the further ahead you plan, the less stressed you’ll be. Doing things last-minute and potentially even running out of time is a surefire path to excessive anxiety and stress! As with all things, more planning means less stress.

Get the right supplies

What is a New Year’s Eve party without Champagne? Make sure that you have the right booze, food, and decor for your big New Year’s party. Stop by the party shop or head to an online party supply store to get plates, cups, wall hangings, and more with a New Year’s theme. Grab some noise makers too, because you’re never too old to make some noise when the ball drops.

Get plenty of booze, including that essential Champagne. Get a selection of different alcoholic drinks: a few beers, both red and white wines, some basic liquors, and plenty of mixers should do it. Get nonalcoholic drinks and food for those who want them. Some sparkling grape juice is a great substitute for kids and others who don’t drink, and there are lots of great non-alcoholic cocktail options out there.

Keep guests from drinking and driving

The new year is supposed to be a time of reflection and self-improvement. But, unfortunately, an awful lot of people start their year off on the wrong foot by making a very big mistake. Statistics show that New Year’s Eve and the early morning hours of New Year’s Day are big nights for drunk driving. Over 50 people die per day in alcohol-related crashes over the New Year’s holiday. The festivities overlap with a time during which much of the country is sitting under snow and ice, which only makes the situation more dangerous.

You should do everything that you can to keep your guests from driving home while under the influence. Try to get a sense of how guests are planning to get home. Those without designated drivers should be encouraged (insistently, if necessary) to take a cab home. Ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft make it easy to get a ride home in this day and age. And in many areas, you can get a free or discounted ride home through a charitable promotion. Nobody wants you to drive drunk, so don’t do it.

If you are caught driving drunk, according to any DUI lawyer, the consequences can be severe. You could pay a fine, lose your license, have to attend recovery or community service events, or even go to jail. If you are arrested for drunk driving, take the situation very seriously. Don’t speak to the cops, and insist on getting a lawyer as soon as possible.

Of course, the best way to avoid getting in trouble for drunk driving is simply to not drive drunk. So make sure that safe rides home are a priority at your party. Help people connect with designated drivers, offer cab phone numbers, and, if possible, prepare a space for a guest or two to stay the night in a pinch. Your party will be fun, but you need to make sure that it’s as safe as it is exciting!

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