You shouldn’t have to decide between beauty and functionality when it comes to picking the latest home fashion designs. Yet this is exactly the decision that people are making when picking out window curtains. They either choose a plain-looking blind for privacy, or decide on a thin, elaborate curtain for a stylish accent. Yet people can have the best of both worlds when choosing blackout curtains.

What Are Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains were invented back in the days of World War II. It was to shield the interior light of a room from the eyes of Nazi planes that would bomb any building where they saw lights. Today, blackout curtains are more commonly used to block the light from a room for babies who have a hard time sleeping in bright rooms or for shift workers who need to sleep during the day.

Besides the health benefits of blackout curtains, people can also enjoy the energy savings. Having a blackout curtain up in a room during the summer can prevent light and heat from entering. The sun’s rays are reflected off the blackout liner, allowing the room to stay cool. A homeowner may use their air conditioner or central air unit less, cutting down on their energy bill.

In the winter, the thickness of the blackout liner keeps the warm air from furnaces and space heaters in the room. The heating equipment will run less often, not only giving energy savings to the home but also cutting down on the wear-and-tear to the heating unit to prolong its lifespan.

Enjoy The Energy Savings In Your Home With Blackout Curtains

In addition, blackout curtains can reduce the amount of noise that enters the room. Some manufacturers of blackout curtains claim that 40% of the outdoor noise is blocked This additional benefit helps children and adults who are awakened easily from outdoor noises. It can also improve the interior sound quality of home theaters.

What To Look For In Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains come in a variety of designs to match your existing home decor. Pick out the curtain that fits your rod where the material hangs properly and covers the sides of the window. If there are gaps along the window sides, you may have to pick up longer rods.

Blackout curtains work great when you are seeking to cover a large window. For smaller windows, or windows that are recessed in the wall, you can purchase blackout shades and blinds. While blackout shades will still give you the same energy-savings as curtains, blackout blinds will not keep the heat out in the summer or the warmth inside the room in the winter. These blinds are strictly used when you want to block the light.

When selecting a blackout curtain, keep in mind that the liner may be made out of vinyl. For people who want to have a green home or who are worried about the health risks associated with vinyl, there are many other alternatives for blackout curtain liners. So read the label to ensure you are getting the blackout curtain that fits into your home fashion preferences while still getting the energy-saving benefits.


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