Yoga, originated in ancient India, has spread the message of wellness across the world. People travel far and wide to attain this divine knowledge that fills their lives with peace and harmony. The very word “Yoga” comes from the Sanskrit word “yuj’ which means a union. It means a union or a perfect blend of physical, psychological and spiritual wellness.

This 5000 year old body of knowledge continuous to be relevant even today. With time people all across the world are moving from gym workouts to yoga that calms their mind and makes their body healthy. The awareness about Yoga has expanded over time. No more is yoga thought to be just turning, twisting and stretching along with breathing. The element of exercise that comes with yoga, provides one with a very superficial understanding of the age-old concept of Yoga. Yoga is a complex phenomenon or rather a practise that unfolds the many layers of human mind and soul, and helps achieve ones’ potential.

A number of cities across India has turned to be hubs of teaching, practicing and propagating Yoga. Rishikesh happens to be the capital of Yoga teaching and learning across the world. Yoga school in Rishikesh have bloomed in every nook and corner. Yoga courses in Rishikesh are prevalent for people from all walks to life to avail. Yoga courses in Rishikesh deals with yoga of varying forms. Gyan Yoga includes philosophy, Bhakti yoga shows the devotional path, Karma yoga deals with the path of blissful action and Raja yoga is a practice of asana. Each form of yoga has a purpose and provided one with an insight. Often Yoga school in Rishikesh come up with a holistic approach that brings together the essence of various forms of yoga so as to unite one’s body and mind in a harmonious manner.

Exploring The Space Of Yoga

Yoga can resolve different issues for different people. From health concern to inner peace, Yoga practice and theories have shown people a path towards a healthier better living. Yoga courses in Rishikeshemphasize on teaching a series of simple yet effective yoga postures and asans along with breathing techniques. More attention is paid to meditation and inner peace than intense vigorous bodily movements and postures. It is meditation, concentration on little detail of bodily movements and gaining an insight about oneself and one’s body, is the very essence of Yoga.

Yoga courses in Rishikesh, are designed and formulated in such a way that an age old vigorous practice like Yoga is taught in a joyful manner. The programme is tailored to meet the needs of all. Old or young, the poses can be done by all. The postures are embedded into the programme taking into consideration age, strength and stamina of various individuals. The programmes aims to make it easy and comfortable for all to come to the yoga mat without any hesitation. The programme focuses to build ones’ inner strength, restore peace of mind and to bring each element of our life in line with one another.

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