Experts say that for the complete development of an individual he/she should have some kind of integral training in the arts. The education process is always incomplete without any form of art. This art can be in any form – music, dance, singing, painting, sculpting, architecture, theatre, and so on and so forth. Art has numerous facets; it is not limited to just one thing. Arts is not simply a part of the education process, it in fact, is an integral part of every culture and society. There is no society or culture without any form of art in it. Thus, it is evident that even mankind has its own uniqueness because of the presence of art in some form or the other in every individual.

Adrian Rubin is a real estate developer, very renowned in and around the region of Philadelphia, is a great admirer of fine arts painting. His family background has loads of traces of art which is why he too was naturally inclined towards it. Actually, if you are to analyze carefully you will find every single person is attracted or inclined to one or the other form of art. If not anything else, music is something most people are drawn to very naturally.

All academic areas of learning can function properly only when there is the inclusion of arts to a certain ratio. In fact, surveys and studies have revealed that it is the arts that reduce the percentage of dropouts, increases the percentage of attendance, develops improved team players, instils a desire and affection to learning, enhances student dignity, nurtures their creativity, and in the bid prepares a far better citizen for the world of tomorrow.

Even brain researches advocate the fact the inclusion of fine arts is an absolute for any sound curriculum. The fine motor skills, emotional balance and previously mentioned creativity are drastically positively affected by arts, and this has been proved by the researches. This is probably why, Adrian Rubin is able to sift out the valuable didactic aspects of his favourite game golf, and his passion painting, and adapt them into his business of real estate development.

For instance he takes the valuable teaching of patience, persistence, focus, ability to remove distractions, from a game of golf and uses it to his advantage in maintaining good relationship with his clients. It is this special attention that he gives to customer service in his profession that has won him and his team of associates at Adrian Rubin LLC accolades all over the United States.

Non-academic boosts such as self esteem promotion, aesthetic awareness, improved emotional experience, motivation, appreciation of diversity, social harmony as well as cultural exposure are all made available to an individual who is served with a generous helping of arts in his/her curriculum. The study of arts involves the systems of integrated sensory, cognitive, motor and emotional capacities of the human body and greatly nourishes them.

It is hence pretty evident that the study of arts is not merely a topic of study for academic purpose, but something that could in some way change the entire meaning of existence of an individual.

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