Glass verandas are essentially a glass roofed porch that is most commonly added on to the wall facing a garden or a courtyard. A nice way to think about a glass veranda is that it is a cheaper alternative to a conservatory, that also allows you to enjoy the experience of being outside whilst also being sheltered from any bad weather.

Glass Verandas: Perfect For Exterior Design

Glass verandas can vary in size to fit your needs; you can have a small one just to cover a couple of chairs and a table to enjoy sitting/eating outside, or get a large one that can cover an entire patio, allowing you to leave a range of furniture outside protected from the rain and also even have enough room to enjoy a barbecue no matter the weather.

The simplicity of a glass veranda means that it can be styled with great variety, allowing it to match the scheme of your walls or patio, so that the glass veranda becomes not only a great practical addition to your house, but also an aesthetically pleasing addition. Glass verandas simplicity also means that it can be self-assembled, allowing you to cut costs of having someone install it for you as well as giving you total control over where it is set up, meaning that it will be perfectly suited to your needs and requirements.

An obvious feature that differs a glass veranda from a standard porch is the glass roof, letting all the natural light in, again giving you the full experience of being outside whilst also being sheltered from the weather. You could also potentially attach outdoor lights onto the glass veranda allowing you to have an accessible, well lit area outside no matter the weather or the time of day.

Glass Verandas are also available in a detached form, if you don’t have space, don’t want to attach it to the wall of your house or simply want it in an area away from your wall. This means that you have free roam of the entire garden when deciding where to put the glass veranda or allows you to have more freedom when designing your garden to include a glass veranda. This can be seen as an alternative to a gazebo where as although you don’t get any shelter from the wind, you get to experience the full light of the sun in the summer months. This could even be placed over a fire pit allowing you to cook and eat delicious food under a sheltered area meaning that the weather will never be an issue.

All in all a glass veranda is both an aesthetically pleasing and practical addition to a garden or a courtyard, offering you an outdoor space fit for your needs that is sheltered from the weather, meaning it is usable any time of year. Glass verandas are very flexible in the sense that that can come in various sizes to suit whatever need or purpose you may have for it and can be styled to fit the theme of your house/garden and even be made detachable to be placed anywhere in your garden and so make a great addition to an existing garden or in the design of a garden.

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