An outdoor banner is not the same as an indoor banner – they may have the same purpose or goal, but they will be displayed to different people, to a crowd that is at a different distance, against a background that is drastically different, and with lighting that can greatly vary. A banner is a banner? Yes, but the circumstances matter – they matter a lot.

If you’re going for the outdoor banner, you want to maximise your chances of having a large crowd clearly receive a message that is on display from a potentially large distance away. Design is very important. Here’s how to properly maximise the effectiveness of your outdoor banner.

Choosing the right size

Choosing the appropriate size of your banner is important for several reasons. Here are just some of them:

  • The mount – You want to be sure that the surface or mount is large enough for the banner that you have in mind. Make sure you measure the available space of the future banner location.
  • Competition – If you have competition nearby, you have two ways of making your own personalised banners or roller banners stand out; the first is by the use of attractive colours, the second is to go bigger in size.
  • Traffic – Are the people passing by slowly or quickly?
  • Weather – The larger your banner, the more wind it will catch. This could pose a problem.

Generally speaking, when it comes to outdoor banners, the larger the better. However, that’s just a rule of thumb and you should consider the different aspects mentioned above.


There are several aspects to consider when you think about visibility. Here are some:

  • Location – can people see it from different angles?
  • Colours – does your banner stand out from the background? Furthermore, is your banner designed in such a way that the message stands out from the banner’s background colour?
  • Font – make sure the font is readable from a distance, and that the size of the letters is large enough to be read easily from a distance.

When it comes to outdoor banners, there are two particular rules (aside from those listed above) that you must keep in mind, as confirmed by outdoor banner printing specialists. First of all, you are allowed to be flamboyant when it comes to colours – as a matter of fact, you need to be noticed, so unlike with indoor banners (where more subdued colours are appropriate), don’t be afraid to be bright and sparkly. Use light and dark colours for maximum contrast.

Secondly, don’t waste too much time with graphics or long messages – the crowd is impatient and wants to be informed quickly, so the fewer words on your outdoor banner, the better. Focus on the crowd and the message. Focus on being seen.


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