Whether you’re a first-time driver looking to stock up on kit for your new car, or a seasoned car-owner wishing to expand your vehicle related tool and gadget stockpile, we’ve created a list of essential tools and accessories suitable for a wide range of people and needs. From external to internal devices; check out our handy kit recommendations.

External Tools


These first two items go hand-in-hand. Jacks are essential for automotive jobs which require you removing wheels, brakes, or generally getting underneath the car, and safely. Always use a jack-stand to support the car when you’re using a jack, for whatever purpose. Never take risks with your safety.

Handy Kit For Car Owners


Jack-stands essentially provide extra support when you’re using the jack. Seeing as the jack is a hydraulic, there is an increased risk of potential failure. The jack-stand is purely mechanical, meaning it’s more reliable and provides excellent support for the vehicle.


It may seem a little basic, but hammers can be used for several things within your vehicle from mechanical to aesthetic. Whacking stuck or dented things with hammers often does just the trick! And having these two different types should see you right.

Handy Kit For Car Owners

  1. The Ball Pein hammer is great for brake work and general hammer uses. Perfect if you’re a more confident mechanical type who likes to have a go at fixing things under the bonnet.
  2. A Rubber Mallet is used for surfaces that need a beating, but you still want to leave the surface nice and dent free. So if you get a knock and don’t want fancy paying a big repair bill, then this is the perfect tool for you.

Air Compressors

Handy Kit For Car Owners

An air compressor may not seem like an obvious tool to keep in your garage, but these devices are extremely versatile. Perfect for inflating flat tyres, you need never be court short again. Also, they are adaptable and come with a wide range of accessories, including air-brushes, which are perfect for fixing those scratches to your exterior paintwork. If you get into a minor scrape, use your hammer to straighten out the metal work and your air-compressor to patch up the paint job.

Penetrating Fluid (WD40)

This well-known fluid has long been a favourite in the home, garden and in the garage. However, not all of it’s uses are so well-advertised and you may be surprised at just what this product can be used for. For example, use it to: dissolve rust, displace moisture and grease, buff out bumper scuff marks, protect bodywork from rust and corrosion, loosen and free up numerous stuck things; the list goes on and on and on!

Internal Accessories

In-car Camera

Handy Kit For Car Owners

In-car cameras, or dash-cams as they are often referred to, have become ever increasingly popular in recent years. This handy interior device protects your precious vehicle by deterring potential thieves and has also helped the police to catch thousands of dangerous drivers by using the footage from other peoples’ cars. So, if you want to be an outstanding motoring citizen and protect yourself and others, then invest in one of these invaluable devices which are easily transferable from vehicle to vehicle, could ultimately save you a shed load of money and protect other motorists and road users.

CD Slot Mount Car Organiser

Handy Kit For Car Owners

The CD Slot mount is a piece of plastic that is slipped into your car’s CD player, and a washable, sticky pad which allows you to attach a satnav, meaning it doesn’t have to be mounted on the screen. It’s versatile and can be used for your phone, too; enabling you to easily use your smartphone as a satnav, and still be within convenient access. As long as your CD player is in convenient reach, then so too will be your chosen device. This is a simple, yet clever little gadget which is also great value for money.

Micro USB Charger

Smartphones can consume a lot of battery and fast, and if you’re relying on it to get you from a to b as your in-car sat nav system, which many more people are these days,  you seriously don’t want to be stranded with little or no battery remaining. So invest in one of these simple, inexpensive devices that turns your cigarette litre into a usb port, ideal for charging your mobile devices.

Buddy Desk

Handy Kit For Car Owners

And finally, the perfect accessory for those who are always on the job, no matter what the situation. Perhaps you’re stuck in backed-up traffic, or commuting on the ferry and desperately need to do some work. Or even if you just fancy eating your lunch in your car and need a more solid place to put everything, this nifty accessory is for you. Obviously this is not suited for when you’re actually driving, but when you’re stationary and in need of a table like surface.

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