We all must have heard the biggest myth surrounding the gym; that it kills your sex drive. There are a number of reasons gossip mongers quote behind this myth but hardly one of them is credit worthy. If anything, a healthy and active lifestyle contributes towards a better sex life and a better relationship between you and your partner. For guys who train frequently, this can be a huge issue. They may often wonder how something which everyone claims can be good for you, turn out to be bad for you. The main hormone responsible for libido in men is testosterone, it is common for testosterone levels and sex drive to go hand in hand. Let’s look at some of the myths about working out and your sex drive.These as nefarious as the claims of sex stamina pills.
Myth 1: Lifting weights will make you tired and you won’t feel sexually active
When you engage in weight training, the level of testosterone in your body increases. This is because our bodies were designed to lift heavy weights, perform strenuous tasks and not stay idle in one place. Thus the more you feed your muscles the better they function. There are a number of exercises which play the biggest role in stimulating your testosterone production. These are full body exercises namely, bench press, bent-over row, stiff-legged deadlift, lunges, shoulder press ,back squat, pull-ups and more. These exercise cater to the large muscle groups in your body and thus account for the highest testosterone production. However it is also necessary to understand one simple fact: over training will cause your muscles to strain, which will in turn affect your sex drive because testosterone production will not be adequately released. Therefore it is important that you do not over train. There, your quintessential sex stamina Tablets busted.
Myth 2: Sex will diminish my strength
Most guys abstain from frequent session in the bedroom because they thing that sex will hamper their progress at the gym, especially those that are regular bodybuilders. This myth has destroyed millions of sex lives across the planet. Research has proved that sex will not diminish your strength and size. More surprisingly, if done in the right amount, sex may prove to enhance your energy, mood and stamina which all will ensure that you have plenty of strength gains when you hit the gym. So don’t let this one hamper your relationship or your desire for a better sex life. This is another sex stamina pill which is difficult to swallow.
Myth 3: Sex pills for a lasting experience
While sex pills such as Viagra may give you a better erection but they won’t necessarily increase your duration in bed. This is because these work along two different mechanisms. If you want to increase your stamina, you should look to increase your physical activity, develop a better lifestyle and decrease stress. You should also look to lower your bodyweight and improve your eating habits to get the best results.

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