LearnPad is a tablet dedicated to serving the education community.  It seeks to enhance the learning experience of students as well as the teaching experience of educators through interactive learning. It is an innovative learning resource for students and teachers with the use of technology and digital content. Interactive learning has gone beyond the walls of the classroom by providing learning contents to students even in the comforts of their home.  This is an ideal set up for students with disability allowing them to study at home with the full supervision of their parents.  This is indeed a great development in the field of education.

Innovative Learning Resource Using LearnPad

Back in the classroom set-up, interactive learning using tablets such as the LearnPad engages the students in learning more with the use of this device.  It can provide instant feedback to students about their learning capabilities and understanding of the lessons provided.  The teacher can easily ask questions to the students and the students can type in or key in their response with an immediate result displayed. The LearnPad creates a fun environment in the classroom as younger students are getting their hands on tablets and mobile devices.  They spend more time tinkering with these devices that it is beneficial that their digital experience be turned into an educational one.

The videos are great tools that LearnPad utilizes to deliver educational content to students.  Teachers can benefit most by using video-based instructions to students by allowing more content to be taught.  Videos help energize students and get them engaged and focused on learning.  It sustains the excitement and interest to learn the curriculum content more than what traditional teaching methods can deliver.  Videos enhance learning experience by allowing the students to see and hear the lessons being taught.  The sight of a volcano erupting with the lava flowing out effectively instills the danger of the situation in the students’ mind helping them remember easily the lesson they need to learn.  Learning then becomes an adventure for them.  Showing the volcano eruption is much more effective that just describing it.  It brings more detailed information compared to just showing students graphs and texts.

Traditional interactive learning in the classroom usually involves physical activities.  With the Android based devices of LearnPad, group activities can be done using Flash-based programs.  Although physical group activities are still encouraged to increase physical social interaction among students, delivery of lessons can be made faster through online activities as well.   Overall experience through group activities with tablets contributes to greatly improved learning.

Information update and additions to the lessons are easily distributed through LearnPad.  LearnPad provides a unique central management system that is web-based allowing you full control of the tablet.  It will let you customize interface based on the specific needs of primary, secondary and special needs education.  Different profile groups can be created and allows you control on which settings and content will be provided per group.  Only your approved applications and content will be allowed and these are managed through the easy online portal.  This takes away the daunting task of managing multiple tablets and setting profiles and content for each one.

LearnPad also takes away your worry that students will access applications and websites that are not included in a curriculum.  Students are given only the contents that need to be used for the subject or topic that needs to be discussed.  LearnPad has designed the tablet and their system with the education sector in mind.  It’s a cost effective solution to digitize schools and bring technology to improve the quality of education.

LearnPad devices are available in three models:  the Quarto, Octavo and Folio.  Quarto is the latest model and was awarded at BETT2013 and the ERA awards. It has 8 hours of battery life with a 9.7inch display. The Octavo has a vibrant 8-inch IPS display with a 4:3 aspect ratio in either portrait or landscape mode making it an ideal e-reader.   The Folio has a large 13.3-inch multi-touch display ideal for collaborative learning tasks and design work.  You can choose on any of these devices to suit your needs and your budget.  But the main benefit of getting the LearnPad is the system with an online management interface that makes it easy to manage the tablets and deliver the curriculum.

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