Digital industry has seen some major changes over time. Some of the turning points have succeeded in transforming the way web apps are developed, shared and used.  The introduction of “Ajax” was such a moment in the history of mobile technology which eventually led to the emergence of such apps that disturbed the entire foundation of the mobile technology. Currently, we are passing through the M-commerce shift which means selling concept (e-Commerce) that used to revolve around web stores now has been taken over by mobile apps. The smart apps featuring on-the-go access, offline functionality, push notifications, rich interfaces and more has literally stolen the show.

With the millions of apps being developed each day, they often face the challenge of being visible in the market to the end users. Besides, storage, complexities, updates all are some other issues that get users take a second thought, especially on mobile apps. So, here comes Magento Progressive Web Applications (PWA) that carries certain important advantages over native apps.

What Is PWA?

Web apps are generally built using modern standardized web API’s like service workers, web manifest and web push that provides an app-like experience through a browser. While on the other hand, Progressive Web apps are the special combination of technologies that bridges the gap between websites and mobile apps. In a layman’s language, PWA is structured like web apps but behave like mobile applications. Instead of downloading them from the app store, they can be discovered using a search engine and stored on the home screen. For example, Flipkart and AirBerlin are the two famous players which have achieved remarkable using Magento PWA’s.

What Kind Of Wonderful Opportunities Can PWA Apps Open For A Magento Store?

  • Amazing loading speed

Most of the companies offering services like Magento development tend to provide progressive web apps because they load at a lightning speed.  The excellent experience results into lower bounce rate and high conversion rate.

  • Offline functionality

Another e-Commerce supportive feature offered by these PWA’s is offline functionality. Which means the user can be independent of connectivity and have a seamless buying experience.

  • Push notifications

The best team of Magento developers have also empowered these apps with push notifications making the mobile app re-engageable. PWA’s can send repeat reminders related to new launches, discount offers, and abandoned carts, just like their mobile counterparts do.

  • Easy updates

Unlike mobile apps, downloading updates have become easy and instant on PWA’s. Just like web pages, these apps get updated each and every time the page is refreshed.

  • Searchable and linkable

Magento progressive web apps structured like websites are searchable by search engines and can be optimized too.

What Is The Future Of PWA?

As the mobile based application continue to regenerate themselves, we may expect more and more organizations adopting them. In fact, some of the big tech giants like Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, and Opera have stated progressive web apps are the future of Magento development in India.

It’s Time To Merge Your Magento Store With PWA

It’s good to see more and more Magento development companies in India are pushing the boundaries of Magento site by creating mobile-first responsive apps for the end users. The bunch of features offered by PWA makes it imperative for e-Commerce business to blend them in their existing portfolio. But that does not mean progressive web apps will replace websites or mobile applications rather they are doing a great job by reducing the gap between the two.

Now some e-Commerce businesses may require a fully customized mobile app while others might feel satisfied with a standard website. So, Magento Progressive web apps work best for both the worlds. Besides, we are currently in the early stages of development and research where Magento developers are pushing limits and exploring new grounds on the daily basis.

Rounding off

Like I said before, Progressive Web apps is an emerging concept. So, you too can earn a competitive advantage for your business by becoming an early adopter. Moreover, the technology continues to mature and can bring myriad benefits in the long run.

So this is it for now! For more information and updates on Magento development in India, keep watching the space!

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