Reactive maintenance is also popularly known as breakdown maintenance. To put it in simple words, reactive maintenance at Pristine Build is nothing more than a process wherein any damaged equipment or appliance is repaired so that it functions like before and delivers what it promises to do.

Under reactive maintenance the repairs take place in situations when the equipment is either not available for perusal or it simply breaks down. The primary purpose of reactive maintenance at Pristine Build is to restore the equipment to a previous state of normal operation without any visible or otherwise signs of non-functionality. More information is available at

Reactive maintenance aims at repairing the broken components of equipment under scrutiny as a result of being damaged. The components are replaced with working parts so as to bring the equipment back to normal functioning like before. One noteworthy point about reactive maintenance is that in reactive maintenance repairs the preventive modules are skipped since the focus is only on bringing back the equipment to a normal state of running or operation.

Reactive Maintenance Services Of Pristine Build

Reactive maintenance can be applied to everyday equipment. The likes of a simple leakage to a water tap, or a broken glass pane are all treated under the reactive maintenance philosophy of bringing this day to day equipment back to proper functioning. However, reactive maintenance does get tricky when more complicated equipment come to the surface. For example a broiler oven breakdown due to erroneous parts is one heck of a task to be accomplished for a return to operation.

Another thing that must be brought to the forefront while understanding the concept of Reactive maintenance is that whether the issue is a major or a minor one it must be attended to immediately. Under reactive maintenance the time lag cannot be very high for bringing damaged equipment back to functionality. The equipment is to used on a daily basis so their fitment into daily chores is very high. The damages therefore cannot be ignored for a long duration and services must be instant.

Reactive maintenance involves a lot of coordination work. Coordinating with repair servicemen, understanding and deciphering of the exact part that is damaged and coordinating between various players to get the equipment up and running is at times tedious but mandatory since the response times are not very high. Knowledge of the supplier of parts, the functioning of parts within an equipment requires a skilled service technician who has a good and speedy hand at evaluating the problem, the costs involved and the time needed to get the repair done most suitably to avoid the loss of usage time during a day pertaining to a particular equipment.

Now that from the above we have got the idea of what reactive maintenance is all about let us delve deeper into understanding the need for the same. To put it very briefly, the parts of equipment that can be easily replaced or repair are most likely to be treated under the reactive maintenance format. This is so because there are many daily usage equipment that cannot be left unattended since their dependency is high.

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