If you are unable to work due to disability issues you may want to apply for Social Security Disability (SSD). Applying for it may be time consuming because the process is a bit complicated. Aside from the qualifications that you need to meet so that you your case will be approved there are certain issues that might come along the way during the processing. However, if you have gone through the process and were qualified, you will be provided with a good monthly income and other benefits based on the rules and regulations stated by the Social Security.

There were dozens of applications that have been denied but you are always given a chance to make an appeal for a denial. Given the importance of approving your application and the complexity of the whole process taking your case in the hands of an experienced attorney of Social Security Disability is strongly recommended.

Social Security Disability Application Issues

  • Multiple Denials
  • It is considered a common occurrence that most of those who file disability benefits for the first time maybe rejected. Multiple denials will depend on the strength of the evidence you provided. Hiring a disability lawyer would somehow improve the outcome of your application.

  • The process is Long and may take a Year
  • You’re application for a claim will be reviewed by the Social Security Administration which may take 3 or 4 months. Reconsideration can be filed by the claimant within 60 days. It is estimated to be 6 months for the Administration to review and reply to your application. If the claim is denied you will repeat the process from the top. On average it may take a year to complete the processing of your claims.

  • Working Issues
  • In many cases hiding your work activity or quitting a job because of injury or disability can be considered questionable. It is better to work while you are filing your case. To give you the odds of approval you may need to consult a lawyer.

Basic Tests of Disability Approval

Social Security Disability may require two basic tests that you have to meet to be qualified for the benefits. A claimant must have sufficient earnings during the relevant period of time and he must have a medical condition that qualifies the definition of disabled. The number of work credits needed to pass the test may vary depending on some factors and this is also expected to change every year. The Administration may consider you disabled if you have a serious medical condition that can last for a year or more or even to death. Moreover, it is required that you can still do your previous work but cannot adjust to take another job due to the medical condition.  Although you have met these requirements there are other factors that might cause the delay of your application’s approval.

If you have medical condition which is the reason why you are unable to work a Social Security Disability claim can help you and your family in the future. Hiring a lawyer can be your best chance to receive the benefits that you are entitled to claim.

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