Disability can be defined as any impairment in one’s physical, emotional and mental capability. This is manifested through various in capabilities. Most physically impaired people are under medication throughout their lives. Their medication is to be handled with care, because most of them live in delicate conditions. It is not a health issue,but some disable people need medication to enable them to live like other people.

People with disabilities can live healthier lives. However this depends on the satisfaction of their needs. Many disable people have special needs which are to be attended to carefully. Some of these needs include a daily medication administered to them for their in capabilities. For one to live healthily, he/she should be given the right medication. Most physicians use drugs to subdue disable people. This may be favorable in extreme conditions, but sometimes it is physically improper to do so.

Right Medication For Disabled People

When drugs are misused, the medications can have devastating effects on the disabled person.
In other occasions, the use of medication is advocated for people with developmental disabilities. This is because they require considerable control over their daily activities. Over dosage of these drugs may be fatal to their behavior.

Advantages Of Right Medication For Disabled People

The use of the right medication on disabled people who deserve it, has the following advantages:

  • It helps control their daily activities.
  • It enables the disabled perform actives, that they normally wouldn’t be capable of.
  • It encourages the disabled to engage themselves in activities they deem unachievable.
  • It relieves mental and emotional burden from them.
  • It helps them mingle with other people, at a comfortable level, without feeling despised or down for any reason whatsoever.
  • It enables the disabled recognize their rights. E.g. drugs used to subdue mental patients hyperactive behaviors help them calm down and recognize if their rights are abused in any circumstance. If are financially unable to afford the drugs, a DLA contact number is all you need to get the necessary information about the disability allowances.
  • Disadvantages of Improper Medication of Drugs on Disable People

Right Medication For Disabled People

  • Drugs can be very addictive, and this may add an emotional burden on the person addicted to consuming them.
  • Drugs can pose an even greater threat to the health of the disabled person if used the wrong way.
  • Drug can pose as an extra financial burden, especially when it’s the wrong medication, to the person consuming it.
  • Wrong medication can hinder the discovery of the disability under question.
  • It is therefore very important to ensure that the right medication is administered to the disable person. This is because some medications are used to bring out the strength in disabled people. The right medication can also enable a disability that was not yet discovered in a person to be discovered.
  • In some countries it is forbidden to administer the wrong medication to a disable person just to subdue him/her, and it is even recognized as a federal offence. Therefore we are all urged to respect and accept the people living with us who are disabled, and not try to change them to what we expect them to be. This is a major reason why the wrong medication is used on disabled people which is wrong.

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