Cushions filled with feathers is also soft, and less firm feels than foam. Cushions filling with feathers are not very common due to the reason that the feathers are prone to clumping if there is no regular plumping. It is cheaper than other types of sofa cushion. Still, it is not much desirable and reliable because the quills of the feathers gradually aligning themselves, so they are parallel to each other, this can cause a feather pillow to lose its loft and become unpleasant and uncomfortable. There is also some advantages and disadvantages of feather cushions. Some advantages and disadvantages are given below:


  • It is lighter than the other two types of cushions
  • It is cheaper than the other two types of cushions
  • It is malleable


  • Due to the feathers, some owners report that feather cushions have an unpleasant odour
  • It can absorb and emits your body heat which can make the pillow unpleasant and uncomfortable
  • It requires the regular fluffing to maintain its loft. Otherwise, it loses its considerable amount of lost

Problems with sofa cushions:

Sagging is the big problem of Sofa Cushions Dubai. Based on the reviews of owners and customers reveals that the showroom model of the sofa is much more supportive and comfortable than the couch which is delivered. The customer felt that he/she was sinking into the sofa when he/she sat first time on his/her newly delivered sofa. It may be due to the substandard material that is used on the sofa when provided.

However, the biggest problem is sagging, which can be removed or fixed by the following methods:

Method # 01:

  1. First of all, open the zip of your sofa cushion if your cushion does not have any zip then use thread cutter and then you can undo the sewing with the help of that thread cutter.
  2. If there is any need or your cushion is badly worn you can replace the foam.
  • If your cushion has loose stuff, then there is no need to replace the material or stuff with polyester fiberfill. The only requirement is that you used your hand and distributes the thing evenly.
  • If your cushion is lumpy, then you can add loose stuffing. Spread the polyester fiberfill and distribute evenly with the help of your hand.
  1. In last close the zip and if you open your cushion with the help of thread cutter then sew it again.

Method # 02:

  1. Open the zip of your cushion if your cushion does not contain zip then use thread cutter to open your cushion.
  2. With the help of needle sew two buttons on the front and two on the back of your sofa cushion. You can use more than four buttons depending upon the size and requirement of the cushion.

Close the zip if you use thread cutter then sew it again.

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